All hail Macbeth!

On Friday 27th September, 70 students in Years 10 and 11 visited the Towngate Theatre to watch a performance of ‘Macbeth’.At just 70 minutes, this engaging and fast-paced adaptation of Macbeth was the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for a modern audience. With themes of ambition, power and revenge, this dynamic production captivated students until the bitter end. Quite surprisingly, the entire play was performed by just three actors!

The students had the rare opportunity to speak to the actors at the end of the play; they were able to ask questions in relation to the performance, but more importantly, on key themes and quotations which could help them in their understanding of the play and the Literature exam.

Clara Robson, Year 11, remarked, “The Macbeth trip was gripping; we got to experience the Scottish play in real life. Hearing the actors’ tips after the show was engaging; I feel it will really help me with my Literature exam. The play seemed to cement certain quotes and scenes in my head; it will be something that will help a lot to look back on when I’m revising this year.”

Thank you to the English department for organising such an enjoyable trip.

Mrs Wilson

CTL for English