Body Worlds Exhibition

On the 4th of July the science department took 45 students from years 9 & 10 to the Body World’s exhibition in London Piccadilly Circus.  The students had a fantastic time seeing real life specimens of human and animals body’s done in such a way to enhance and educate about the body systems and functions. The students were particularly fascinated with the journey of an embryo where they could see the development and sizes through the weeks up until birth. There was a lot of hands on activities that the students enjoyed participating in; CPR, BMI investigations, blood pressure and a stress determination test. We received some amazing feedback from the public and the exhibition its self. One member of the public quoted ‘they didn’t even realise there was a school visit there as all the students were quiet, engrossed in the exhibition and so well behaved’ a manager of the exhibition also quoted’ how impeccably well behaved our school group was and respectful of the exhibition’