News and Achievement Assemblies

‘One of the goals of education should be to teach that life is precious’

Welcome to week three of the spring term year ten.

This week we had an assembly based around Holocaust memorial day. Mrs Hedges took the assembly and highlighted how ALL life is precious and should be treated as such. Students heard about the holocaust and how one person’s prejudice and negative opinions spread and affected the whole world! A very powerful and moving assembly.

There were a lot of students who were nominated for positive recognition this week.

Student of the week went to Harrison Moore, with my Golden Passes being awarded to Marley Dempsey and Thomas Heaven. All students showed excellent focus and achievement in lessons this week, well done!

The Subject nominations for this week included:

  • Music – Sarah Millis
  • Computer Science – Toby Hoyle
  • Creative I media – Tyreace Stack
  • Business – Tiffany Deadman and Daniel Thurlow
  • English – Katy Millis
  • Science –Millie Madden
  • Fantastic work guys, keep it up!

We have a trip to Shoeburyness Ministry of Defence on the 12th February. Students were asked in form to gain interest and the lucky 16 have been chosen and were informed in assembly. Students include;

  • Sonny Boreham
  • James Boyce
  • Bethany Callaghan
  • Ewan Davey
  • Cody Everett
  • Thomas Heaven
  • Alfie Goodbourn
  • Riley Gibson
  • Billy Holmes
  • Logan Herod-Dyball
  • Aawaiz Khan
  • Kewin Kwiek
  • Alice Lind-O’mara
  • Chloe Payne
  • Vladislav Strekers
  • Amy Wadlow


It was an absolute pleasure to host a mini-celebration showcasing the achievements of 30 students in Year 11. The celebration recognised consistent, positive engagement and achievement across lessons during autumn term. Students came to the canteen during PM registration to eat doughnuts and drinks. I’m pretty sure the pop went down well too J

It was a fabulous way to end our last Wednesday of term and truly highlight the accolades of some of our Year 11 students. Happy Christmas and stay safe over the break!

On Monday 16th December we held our end of term celebration assembly. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to recognise so many of our students for their efforts and achievements so far this year. The students have been recognised by staff within the school both in and out of lessons for all their positive contributions.

100% attendance awards for the first term:

  • Aj Adams
  • Nataliya Bobin
  • Maisy Buckland
  • Harvey Cooper
  • Jacob Cooper
  • Sherie Corney
  • Grace Gee
  • Kaydy George
  • Ben Greenwood
  • Victoria Gregg
  • Yaseen Haque
  • Jude Hargrave
  • Chloe Hopkins
  • Toby Hoyle
  • Sadiyah Hussain
  • Amelia Jones
  • Ayesha Kamaly
  • Callum Legon
  • Alice Lind-O’Mara
  • Ashikko Majors
  • Katy Millis
  • Sarah Millis
  • Christopher Morriss
  • Chloe Payne
  • Tia Porter
  • Alan Rickwood
  • Ruby Russell
  • Louise Slater
  • Morolake Sunmola


Tutor Group with the best attendance this term: 10J

The next set of awards were to the tutor group and students who were awarded the most amount of positive achievement and behavior points for the term.

Tutor group who achieved the highest number of positive achievement points: 10C

Tutor group who achieved the highest number of positive behavior points: 10C

Student with most positive Achievement points went to Sherie Corney, and the student with most positive behavior points was awarded to Julius Mondesir. A fantastic achievement guys, well done!

The next set of awards were to students who were nominated by their teachers to receive Subject Awards in the areas of Progress and Effort.

Progress Awards went to:

  • English – Jacob Cooper
  • Maths – Jacob Munro
  • Science – Georgia Lane
  • Music – Ewan Davey
  • Geography – Jacob Munro
  • PE – Ben Greenwood
  • Creative I media – Sheena May Shepherdson
  • Computer Science – Julius Mondesir
  • Drama – Jordan McKagan
  • Hospitality and Catering – Ayesha Kamaly
  • History – Mia Winters
  • Business – Jacob Munro
  • Dance – Amelia Jones
  • Design and Technology – AJ Adams

Awards for Effort went to

  • English – Sophie Chew
  • Maths – Soraya Gordon
  • Science – Lucy Payne
  • Music – Lucy Payne
  • Geography – Harvey Cooper
  • PE – Maddison Somerset-Butler
  • Creative I media – Levi Clutterbuck
  • Computer Science – Christopher Morriss
  • Drama – Jacob Jones
  • Hospitality and catering – Morolake Sunmola
  • History – Millie Madden
  • Business – Oscar Ferguson
  • Dance – Yasmin Warren
  • Design and Technology – Matthew Roberts

Myself and Mrs Wardle decided to award certificates for those pupils we feel have embodied the schools ethos of ‘Doing the right thing, at the right time’ consistently which has allowed them to progress and achieve throughout this term.

The Achievement Team Leader Awards went to Nataliya Bobin and James Boyce, with the Year Care Team Awards going to Jacob Jones and Louise Slater.

Mr Micek presented the Headteacher’s Awards to students who have gone above and beyond and been recognised by their subject teachers. Students received recognition for Effort and Conduct as well as Progress and Attainment.

Progress and Attainment;

  • Elicia Armstrong for English
  • Ewan Davey for Music
  • Victoria Gregg for Health & Social Care
  • Amelia Jones for PE
  • Sheena-May Shepherdson for Geography
  • Sherie Corney for Art
  • Millie Madden for Business
  • Ebony Ella Celstin for History
  • Maddison Hawkes for Photography
  • Ryan Boreham for Design & Technology
  • Mia Winters for RE
  • Maddison Somerset-Butler for Catering & Hospitality
  • Alice Lind-O’Hara for Drama
  • Jacob Munro for Maths
  • Matthew Roberts for Science

Effort and Conduct:

  • Alice Lind-O’Mara for RE
  • Ayesha Kamaly for Geography
  • Aidan Turner for English
  • Tommie Davis for PE
  • Katy Millis for Music
  • Kerri-Ann Williams for Health & Social Care
  • Bethany Callaghan for Art
  • Ryan Boreham for Photography
  • Jordan McKagan for Business
  • Elicia Armstong for History
  • Toby Hoyle for Design & Technology
  • Elicia Armstrong for Computing
  • Sheena May Shepherdson for Computing
  • Louise Slater for Science
  • Soraya Gordon for Maths
  • Lucy Payne for Drama

A fantastic way to end the term and myself and Mrs Wardle are looking forward to welcoming you back in 2020, ready for the new term!

Week 10

Students continue to amaze me across year ten. The resilience they show and the dedication to their learning is admirable. I have been focusing on highlighting positivity this week and as the saying goes ‘Positivity breeds Positivity’.

I’d like to start with a group of students who are currently taking part in the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme. These students are working with a PhD university student to complete work at university level, in order to allow them to understand how their work would be assessed at a further education establishment. The feedback I have received from their mentor is outstanding; students are engaged, completing the work to a good level and contributing to discussions in an intelligent and mature manor. Well done to Morolake Sunmola, Arlinda Gashi, Matthew Roberts, James Boyce, Riley Gibson, Sherie Corney, Alice Lind O’Mara, Amelia Jones, Julius Modesir, Kierra Wilson, Yaseen Haque and Jacob Munro. Keep up the hard work guys!

As a year group we have led the way with the amount of positive referrals for achievement Sims since the 2nd September! However, we have been overtaken by the year 8 students! Not to be deterred by this, the year group pulled it out of the bag and received the most positive achievement referrals for the week – year 8….we’re coming for you.

Our student of the week this week goes to Amelia Wellington. Amelia is one of the happiest and most energetic students in our year group. She completes all work to a high standard and always does it with a smile! A fantastic achievement.

My golden passes are awarded to Bethany Callaghan and James Boyce, well done.

Subject awards include;

  • Historian – Elysia Crosby
  • Entrepreneurs – Sherie Corney, Millie Madden, Jacob Munro
  • Scientist – Georgia Lane
  • English – Jude Hargrave


And students who received over 100 achievement points and gain their Bronze Award are;

  • Harris Jake
  • Dempsey Marley
  • Kerry Tamera
  • Smith Rebecca
  • Heaven Thomas
  • Davey Ewan
  • Moss-Phipps Ellie


I would love the year group to focus on engagement and progress in lessons and making sure they are using their homework diary to ensure there are no late submissions.

Week 9

Welcome back year 10, we hope you had a relaxing week off.

This week saw a company called Prison Me No Way! Come in to the school to enlighten students about various different areas associated with the Law. The students found the day interesting and it made them realise how decisions they make can have a huge impact, and consequence to their life. The sessions focused around Knife Crime, Network Rail, the Fire Service and County lines. The students also had the opportunity to experience a prison cell.  Students represented the school impeccably and their behavior was amazing, well done year 10, I am extremely proud of you.

Following the session on Tuesday it was back to work, refocusing on lessons and learning.

As a year group we have led the way with the amount of positive referrals for work completion and behavior since the 2nd September! This is fantastic and proves that the majority of the year group are doing the right thing at the right time!

Our student of the week this week goes to Amelia Jones. Amelia is a fantastic student who continues to complete her work to the highest standard and who is determined to succeed in all areas of school life. Well done Amelia!

My golden passes are awarded to Charlie MacKenzie and Aulona Kodrelti, well done guys.

Subject awards include;

  • Athletes – Demi Jones and Tommie Davis
  • Musician – Angel Watts
  • Historian - Charlie Mackenzie
  • Artist – James Boyce
  • Geographer – Jude Hargrave and Maddison Hawke
  • Scientist – Jacob Christie
  • Mathematician – Lexie Sloan

And students who received over 100 achievement points and gain their bronze award are;


·         Thurlow Daniel
·         Majors Ashikko
·         Shah Vrisha
·         Gregg Victoria
·         Sunmola Morolake
·         Zaharieva Martina
·         Celestin Ebony-Ella
·         George Kaydy
·         Thorpe Kia
·         Andrzejczak Olivia
·         Roberts Matthew
·         Chew Sophie
·         Herod-Dyball Logan
·         Hawkes Maddison
·         Armstrong Elicia
·         Lane Georgia
·         Christie Jacob
·         Slater Louise
·         Gibson Riley
·         Edge Lewis
·         Bobin Nataliya
·         Wadlow Amy
·         Miles-Robbins Max
·         Payne Lucy
·         Kamran Fatima
·         Morriss Christopher
·         Mondesir Julius
·         Cowell Samuel
·         Sloan Lexie
·         Legon Callum
·         Callaghan Bethany
·         Adams Aj
·         Payne Chloe
·         Mitchell Katelyn
·         Deadman Tiffany

I would love the year group to focus on engagement in lessons and homework submissions next week and make sure they are organised and focused in all lessons

Week 6

I am pleased to announce that there has been a drop in the amount of non-homework submissions this week. Students need to take responsibility for their homework by making sure they use their homework diaries, not only to record the homework but also to record the due date. This also allows parent to see what homework is being set. A failure to submit homework results in a detention by the subject teacher and a Friday detention with Mrs Lewis, let’s see if we can reduce this further next week!

We have also overtaken the year 11 students in terms of achievement points awarded. This is fantastic and proves that the vast majority of the year group are doing the right thing at the right time! Continuing with the celebrations, we had a mini celebration afternoon tea to celebrate those students who have consistently been achieving positive referrals since the start of this term, 50 of our year ten students were invited to share in cakes to celebrate their positive behavior and progress so far this term. I hope to continue this up until Christmas and hopefully be able to invite even more students.

Our student of the week this week goes to Sherie Corney. Sherie is a fantastic student who embodies everything that I expect to see in a year ten student; determination to succeed and a positive work ethic.

My golden passes are awarded to Jacob Munroe and Kiera Wilson, well done.

Subject awards include;

  • Scientist award - Louise Slater
  • Musician - Ewan Davey
  • Historian – Ebony – Ella Celestin
  • I media student – Jacob Christie
  • Comp Scientist - Julius Mondesir
  • English – Katy Millis
  • Athlete – Maddison Somerset-Butler

And students who received over 100 achievement points and gain their bronze award are;

  • Kaydy George
  • Grace Gee
  • Jordan McKagan
  • Katy Millis
  • Jacob Cooper
  • Izzy Green
  • Ryan Boreham


There are only two more school weeks left until half term, I would love the year group to focus upon appropriate use of the homework planner to make sure homework is submitted on time. I would also love to see more achieving positive referrals for their behaviour and progress in lessons.

Week 4

This last week has shown me that my students really are moving towards being outstanding learners. A fantastic trip was organised by the English department for year 10 and 11 students, they went to see Macbeth. Our Head of English, Mrs Wilson, was delighted to tell us that our students represented the academy well and were a pleasure to have on the trip. Excellent work year 10.

Continuing with the praise, I would like to mention a few more students who have been recognised for embodying our school motto – “being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing”

  • Mathematician of the Week: Ben Greenwood
  • Scientist of the Week: Tyler Hughes
  • English Student of the Week: Maddison Hawkes
  • Artist of the Week: Zuzanna Kaleta
  • Geographer of the Week: Kaydy George
  • Golden Passes: Harrison Moore and Amelia Wellington
  • Student of the Week: Keely White

The following students were added to the Bronze Achievement Awards table for gaining more than 100 achievement points:

  • Keely White
  • Mia Winters
  • Harrison Moore
  • Amelia Wellington
  • Alice Lind-O’Mara
  • Ash Cooper
  • Sheena-May Shepherdson
  • Jacob Munro

Well done Year 10, a fantastic achievement, I look forward to seeing who is first to get their Silver award.

Our assembly this week focused around current and future attainment. Mrs Langdon explained what was meant by our ‘working at’ and ‘working towards’ grading structure. Students were reminded that they are not bound by what their projected grades were and that they should be aiming high in order to progress further in the future.

Homework needs to be the focus for year 10 students moving forward. They need to make sure they are recording homework accurately in their planners, including when it was set and when it is due to avoid missing a submission date. Should there be any issues, students are reminded to see their class teacher as soon as possible or to speak with me. I will be running a homework club after school on a Friday for all students who miss a homework submission deadline, allowing them to catch up and make sure they are ready for the week ahead.


Week 3

I have really enjoyed walking around and observing my year group this week with so many students engaged in their learning and making the most of their time in the classroom. It is encouraging to see that there have been more and more students wanting to show me their work and explain what they are doing in the lesson! This is mirrored in the amount of students who have achieved over 100 combined positive achievement and behaviour points this week. Congratulations to the following students, who have joined Millie Madden, Levi Clutterbuck and Jacob Jones in gaining their Bronze Certificates.

  • White Keeley
  • Winters Mia
  • Moore Harrison
  • Wellington Amelia
  • Lind-O'Mara Alice
  • Ash Cooper
  • Shepherdson Sheena-May
  • Munro Jacob

Students who have excelled within subject areas have been nominated by staff for subject certificates and Golden Passes to recognise those students who have gone above and beyond

  • Student of the week – Levi Clutterbuck
  • Golden Passes – Millie Madden and Jacob Jones
  • English Star of the week – Chloe Hollingsworth
  • Mathematician of the week– Sadiyah Hussain
  • Scientist of the week – Morelake Sunmola

Mr Micek started off our assembly this week with a reminder to students about expectations with regards to behaviour and achievement. We then welcomed Sixth Form students who explained about the upcoming Youth Parliament elections. There are some great issues on the ballot and all students will have the opportunity to vote on them in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about it please see either Mr Andrews or Mrs Dudbridge for more information.

Our year ten football team also had a fantastic start to their league with a game against Chase High School. We were unsure if the game was going to go ahead but the year tens stepped up and ensured a full team was available.  It was a thrilling 90 minutes with 9 goals being scored throughout the game! However Chase were to be disappointed as 6 of the goals came from Oliver Missing, Lamech Ssekajjugo and Alfie Goodbourne, the end score being 6-3. Let’s keep it up!

First week of term 

An excellent first week back so far with year 10. They have really hit the ground running and have been producing some fantastic work, with special mentions coming from Maths, English, Science and Business Studies. The below students have shown determination and enthusiasm in their lessons and have gone over and above in order to succeed

  • Madalene Wilson – English
  • Oliver Missing – Maths
  • Alice Lind O’Mare – Science
  • Ayesha Kamaly, Sonny Boreham, Ebony Ella Celestin and Lewis Edge – Business Studies

Our Student of the Week this week is Mia Winters, having gained the most amount of positive achievement points across a variety of subjects.

The Golden Passes are awarded to Yasmin Warren and Tyreace Stack

A fantastic start so far, WELL DONE YEAR 10!