Sixth form students receive mentoring from prestigious universities.

Our Post 16 students have been given the fantastic opportunity of engaging with in an online tutoring programme, supported by ‘Make Happen’ and facilitated by the ‘MyTutor’ programme.

Students have been matched up with a highly successful tutor to reinforce classwork, boost confidence and raise grades.

The tutors are current university students who have studied the same subjects and faced the same challenges.  The one-one lesson takes place online, with the use of webcams and speakers; this enables the students to focus on the subject, without any distractions.

Students were apprehensive today before having their first tutorial, however after the hour they were all enthusiastic about the subject and looking forward to next week and tutorial no.2.

One of the students who participated today said the following, “ My Tutor, Owen was great; he helped me understand something in less than an hour, that I haven’t fully understood before!”

Mrs Dudbridge

Assistant Head of 6th Form