The Cambridge Trip – The Brilliant Club

At Cecil Jones Academy, we have 12 gifted students who are part of The Brilliant Club. On the 21st October 2019, The Brilliant Club visited Cambridge University.

The visit to Cambridge University was the launch trip of the Brilliant Club programme. It began with a warm welcome to the University with juice and fresh-baked cookies. The students were then split in to two groups of 6 – Group A and Group B – and each group attended an additional welcome meeting.

The meetings covered the basics of what The Brilliant Club is and how it works. After the welcome meeting came to a close, Group A left for a tour of Trinity and Group B met with their tutor, Lucinda.

After the sessions were over, the students attended a lecture that covered the topic of University; how it worked and how to get in to University.

Lunch was a buffet of delicious food which included vegan options, and had a variety of choices.

Following this, there was another lecture and then Group A and Group B swapped. Group A joined their tutor and Group B left for a tour of Trinity.

Finally, the day finished with a survey asking students about their time at the launch day.

Alice Lind-O’Mara