60 Minute Mentoring

Achievement Assembly 

What a pleasure it was to be able to recognise all the efforts of our year 8 students in our end of year Celebration Assembly. The students have been recognised by staff within the school both in and out of lessons for all their positive contributions.

100% attendance awards for the Summer Term:

Ebony Amour                                        Jack Corney

Samuel Ashton                                      Alfie Corry

Jamsine Axcell                                      Jaydon Dzvova

Oliver Blogg                                           Jolanta Miklasevica

Ben Clarke                                             Tyler Moring

Izzy Clark Gates                                     Kieran Neziraj

Gracie Cole                                           Jack Osbourne

Amberley Taylor                                  Alesandr Voroneckij


100% Attendance for the year:

Samuel Ashton

Jasmine Axcell

Jack Corney

Jolanta Miklasevica


Tutor Group with the best attendance this term: 8J


Subject Leaders nominated students who have shown excellent attitudes to learning within their subject areas for a subject award:

Maths: Lily-Sue Franklin

English: Vinny Rowley

Science: Lucie Clarkson

History: Maddison Pendry

Geography: Fabia Khan

Spanish: Connor Gaughan

Computing: Gracie Cole

Art: Riley Hallett

Technology: John Hallett

P.E: Hugo Jones

Drama: Chloe Dennis

Music: Jack Osbourne


Library monitors were recognized for all their help and support they give to help the library operate smoothly:

Emanuela Zgura

Ben Clarke

Harley McAllister

Reece Pegler

Tutor group with the most positive behavior and achievement points this term: 8I

Mr Richard Micek presented Headteachers Awards to student’s who have gone above and beyond and been recognised by their subject teachers:


Alfie Corry –

Computing, excellent attitude and engagement in Computing lessons.

Spanish, for excellent attainment and focus in lessons

Raising Standards Leader, Alfie does really well in lesson and is always very enthusiastic. Alfie is a most diligent and helpful student. He is always happy and upbeat searching for the good heart of anything he encounters Alfie is a model pupil. He is always keen to learn, and contribute to class discussion. He completes homework without fail and often hands it in early. He is a polite and conscientious young man. Alfie is an engaged member of the class, who will often participates in class discussions and in class critiques. Alfie will always “give it a go,” including with new materials, in order to ensure that he is working to improve his skill.

Connor Gaughan –

Science, making great progress in science this year and always doing the right thing

History, his enthusiastic attitude has accelerated his progress since the start of the year and has a positive effect on other students

Values, Connor always has a positive attitude to learning, is focused and engaged in the lesson,  and is polite and well mannered, making a point of saying “thank you for the lesson Sir” when he leaves the class and sometimes asking additional questions about points raised.  He is one of a number of children who say thank you for the lesson and stands out as an unsung star.

Ebony Amour –

History, works hard and achieves highly

Gabija Kazlauskaite –

Maths, Excellent work ethic and constantly striving to excel in Maths lessons

Georgia Gerenta –

P.E. For her superb leadership of the U13 girls basketball team this season, her can-do attitude and inspiring other students with her selection to represent Essex

Jack Corney –

Music, for his progress and dedication in Music. Jack has wowed me this year with both his keyboard and drumming skills

Jasmine Axcell –

Spanish, for an excellent attitude and exceptional test result

John Hallett –

Geography, an excellent attitude in Geography and the motivation to go above and beyond

Kaylea Simpson –

Art, for her continuous engaged presence in class, in addition to her high quality art work produced within and outside of lesson

Lewis Knight –

Drama, for excellent attitude in lessons, excellent creativity in performance work and dedication to after school rehearsals and clubs

Lucie Clarkson –

Raising Standards Leader, Lucie does very well in class. Homework is always done on time.
Lucie’s attitude and behaviour in lessons are both exemplary. She completes all work to the very best of her abilities, in class and at home. She participates well in class and is willing to share ideas and her work. She is extremely hard working – always want to do her best.

Mia Cundy –

Computing, excellent attitude and engagement in Computing lessons.

Ocean Willoughby –

Drama, for excellent attitude in lessons, excellent creativity in performance work and dedication to after school rehearsals and clubs

Oliver Blogg –

English, He has made excellent progress and his confidence has developed in lessons, Oliver would always attend handwriting club to help his own development. Homework always handed in early and to a very high standard. Oliver’s resilience and determination to succeed will serve him in good stead in future



A group of year 8 students were involved in their second session of their 60 Minute Mentoring, an inspiring mentoring programme for young people across South Essex run by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

The programme aims to give the students:

  • An insight into the world of work
  • A better understanding of the careers available in the local area
  • A better understanding of the positive skills and qualities they have
  • Information to help with GCSE selection
  • Guidance on the different routes available to young people after school (e.g. entering the workplace, apprenticeships, college courses, A-Levels and university).

Earlier this year during their first session students met with their mentors to learn more about the programme and hear about the mentors successful journeys and experiences in careers and supporting young people.

Today the students had one to one sessions with their mentors to look further into their ideas and aspirations for their future careers. Students were able to use the wealth of experience their mentors could offer to mould these ideas into realistic goals and look at the options available to them.

Both students and mentors were extremely positive about the sessions, feedback from the mentors echoed that of previous representatives calling our year 8 students – focussed, engaged and ambitious. Student’s comments included:

‘It was so helpful, I had an idea of what I wanted to do but now I know what subjects I should look to study and what course are available to me in the future;

The students have a further 2 sessions planned with their mentors to further explore their options and have a celebratory event to look forward to on completion of the programme.

I would like to thank the mentors for their work with our students and especially our students for their positive approach to the programme and for relishing in the opportunity they have been given.

Miss K Nicholls

ATL Year 8