A French foreign exchange student welcomed to Cecil Jones

As part of our recently launched French student program we welcomed a French student to spend 4 weeks at Cecil Jones to experience life at an English school/academy. The student was ‘buddied up’ with a fabulous year 8 student who wanted to improve and enhance her own language skills.

Throughout the experience the French student immersed herself in all aspects of school life and was expected to undertake exactly the same timetable and after school events that her buddy was involved in. She loved her experience at Cecil Jones and made ‘some friends that she would love to take back to France.’

It soon became apparent that she had a talent for music – writing that:

  • ‘My favourite subject was Music because the teacher was nice and I loved playing the piano.’

The Cecil Jones Student wrote of the experience:

  • It was a lovely experience and I wish I could do it again if possible – adding that ‘I learnt more French and about new things such as translating English things into different languages.

Undoubtedly this was a resounding success and the students directly and the circle of friends clearly benefited from the experience.

As an academy, Cecil Jones will continue with this program of international inclusion and will be inviting 3 more French students to experience what Cecil Jones has to offer as we continue to improve our international status and our understanding of different cultures. This will take place straight after Easter.

Well done to all of our students for creating a wonderfully positive and welcoming environment.