An excellent opportunity for our year 12 Economics students

In Economics this week, students were invited to another fantastic online taster lecture series ‘Economics in the Real World for Pre-University Students’ with Professor Abhinay Muthoo with Warwick University.

Students were able to listen to superb thought and discussion on economic topics including Game Theory and behavioural economics. Some of which directly linked to content studied in year 12 and 12 Economics as well as looking at the COVID 19 and how economic theory has influenced policy. Students were lucky to also receive an interesting PowerPoint resource and suggested further reading from today’s topic to explore in their own time.

This was a fantastic opportunity to further widen and apply their knowledge in economics as well as get a taste for studying Economics at university.
I just wanted to say thanks to the students who took part and I hope you managed to learn something new and I  look forward to joining you next week on Thursday for the next lecture on ‘Behavioural Economics for Pandemics’.