Career Ready – Master Classes

Career Ready, an organisation who connect young people with employers and help prepare them for the world of work, were back at Cecil Jones today, to continue with a sequential set of sessions focussing on skills for Career and University success.

The Master class today was titled ‘Success at Interview’.

Year 12 students were able to showcase their aptitude for acting when using role play to practise skills needed at interview.

Various types of interview were discussed; the focus today was on face to face interview, phone interviews and interview by panel.

Students openly enjoyed today’s sessions and following the Master class, said the following:

“ This session was so informative; the use of a mock interview and application form helped us to realise what is really necessary to succeed at interview; after today, we feel less daunted at the thought of applying for a place at University or for a job”

The next session will be on 4th March – ‘Know Yourself’