Does your child cycle to school?

Cycling to school is a great way for children and teenagers to not only get to school quicker, but to help stay fit and healthy.

As a school, we would like to update you with some tips to help keep our students safe.

  • Remind them that the roads around Southend are very busy and they must be vigilant when cycling on the roads
  • Ensure you are aware of the route your son/daughter is taking to and from school and that you are confident this route is safe for them to cycle
  • Regularly speak to them about road safety. Ensure they are always checking for cars and pedestrians when cycling on the roads and pavements
  • Ensure you are confident that they are using crossings/traffic lights safely
  • Advise them to wear something reflective so that they can be easily seen by other road users and pedestrians, especially in the winter when evenings are darker
  • A helmet is always recommended for anyone cycling on the roads
  • Provide them with a lock for their bike so that they can keep their bike safe both in school and when leaving their bike off site