Introducing the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Cecil Jones

On Wednesday 23rd October, students from Cecil Jones Academy attended an Anti-Bullying Training Day facilitated by The Diana Trust. 9 students travelled to Tabor Academy, also part of The Loxford School Trust, in Braintree and worked collaboratively with 5 other schools in the area to design and implement the ambassador program in our schools.

Congratulations to all students who attended and are now Anti Bullying Ambassadors! They represented to school wonderfully and were a credit to us. Two representatives from each year group took part in this event; their input and engagement in all workshops was outstanding.

These students are now able to work together in creating a fun and effective long term campaign that will help to prevent and tackle bullying, friendship or peer group issues that may arise in school. They will provide peer advice and support to anyone who feels they have a problem they need help with and help facilitate support and guidance from staff.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will also now present in assemblies, enabling them to incorporate a whole school approach to negative or bullying behaviour.

As the supporting member of staff during this event, it was a privilege to work alongside our new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, they were motivated and articulate throughout. I am looking forward to working with them implementing the program at Cecil Jones. All students will be issued with their new red ties in the new half-term.