MADE Happen – Year 11 Revision Session

MADE Happen were back for the second instalment of a two part programme delivered to our year 11 students.

Danny introduced himself and spoke about his career in television production and some of the projects he had worked on.

Day 2 was all about using strategies to help them with revision and how to prepare for their exams.

The students were shown different methods and techniques to help them and they also took part in memory training games.

Once again there was lots of good interaction and audience participation.

Quotes from the students:

  • “I will definitely apply some of those techniques when I’m revising.”
  • “There were some simple but effective methods that I will use.”
  • “Danny made revision seem like fun, I will try to adopt that attitude.”
  • “Thank you to the school for organising such an enjoyable session. I found the booklet we used very helpful.”