Post 16 Successes

There was a mix of emotion and nerves as the students held their breath, closed their eyes and slowly removed that all important piece of paper.

Congratulations to our Sixth Form on this year’s successful results. Our high-flying cohort have secured places at their first-choice universities: AJ is now going on to study History and International Relations; Charlotte, Criminology with Social Psychology and Jack is going to study History.

Students who have opted to seek employment, have secured work within Southend with some very prestigious employers. Whilst others have chosen the apprenticeship route with the Armed Forces or Business Administration.

Before leaving, we asked our departees what they had thought of the Cecil Jones experience and about any changes that the new leadership and Loxford School Trust had made since taking over back in April 2019:

“It was amazing, teaching has improved, they helped me secure the grades I have in my hand right now.”

“Staff are really supportive. We were given all of the things we needed to succeed.”

“The structures that were consistently applied meant that staff felt secure in what they were doing.”

“Teachers are nice here, they are supportive and flexible with their teaching styles, we got constant feedback.”

“Since Loxford have come in, there has been a consistency to the daily routine, teaching has improved so much.”

We wish them all the best in the next chapter of their lives.