English as an Additional Language (EAL)
The main aim of the EAL department is to support our EAL students, who may be new to English and to the UK, providing stability as they start school. These students come from a wide range of backgrounds and their cultural heritage and diversity greatly enriches our school community.

Support for your Learning
All Y7 students that join the school in September are required to undertake the CATs Test. In addition students will be assessed in the Languages Centre to ascertain their level of listening, reading, spoken and written English measured against the DFE codes: A, B, C, D and E. We aim to make an early, informed decision about individual timetables before a student joins the school.
The induction of EAL students at Cecil Jones is highly personalised. All students assessed at Category A receive 3 hours of 1:1 tuition, initially for a two week period, in order to provide them with a foundation for learning the language and to familiarise them with English culture and the education system.

Work in the Languages Centre focuses on 5 key aims:-
• A structured learning environment
• A personalised approach to induction and integration
• A model for monitoring and mapping progress prior to language acquisition and beyond
• A resource base and teaching area with opportunities for independence
• A social and information centre for students, family and community.

The Languages Centre is open to students before the start of the school day, is a social venue at both break and lunch times and staff are available after school to help students with any homework or any other concerns they may have.


Working with Students
We work with students in a variety of ways. We work with them individually, or in small groups, to provide additional language support. This is usually in the form of grammar and vocabulary support and takes place in the Languages Centre. The four skills assessed, using the Bell Foundation Assessment, are listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also provide in-class support for students to help them access the curriculum, alongside their peers, in subject lessons taught by specialist subject teachers.

Homework Club
Due to the current global covid-19 situation, this club has been temporarily stopped. We will update this as the situation changes.

Break time and Lunch time
Break time and lunch time in the Languages Centre provides an excellent opportunity for students to get together, in a relaxed environment, for some supervised, practical English speaking sessions.

Working with Parents
We can provide language support for you if, for example, you need to contact the office if your child is unwell or needs to leave early for a medical/dental appointment etc. Please call Reception and ask to speak with a member of the EAL team.