Sociology is the study of society. We look at how society has changed over time and the impact of those changes on institutions such as the family and education. Sociology explores groups and their behavior e.g. criminality and deviant acts. The subject is interested in how different groups behave, whether that be through social class, gender or ethnicity. We explore how early socialisation can shape individuals’ and can influence the way we act. We look at the main perspectives in sociology, including functionalism, Marxism and feminism and the respective sociologists themselves for example, Parsons and Durkheim. In addition to topics including family, education, crime and deviance and social stratification we also look at how sociologists study society; the research methods and processes they use.

Year 10

The sociology of families

The sociology of education

Social theory and methodology

Year 11

The sociology of crime and deviance

The sociology of social stratification

Social theory and methodology

How it’s assessed

Two written papers- 1 hour 45 minutes each

100 marks for each paper

Multiple choice, short answer and extended responses