Welcome to Year 10

“Without challenge there is no progress”

Year 10 is an incredibly exciting time for our students. It is the start of Key stage 4 and the GCSE courses that were chosen. The responsibility that is needed at this time is ever growing and students will need to start their new courses with maturity and determination to succeed. This will enable them to build upon existing knowledge and achieve their full academic capability in order to be successful at this educational level.

Students should take advantage of the extra-curricular activities that the academy has to offer. This will allow them to develop new interests but could also assist them in their studies

This Key stage can be an extremely stressful time for our students as they begin to understand the workload needed in order to be successful, along the way students will be able to find support from not only their teachers and the wider academic staff but also through a dedicated Year Care Team. This team comprises of Mrs Lewis, Achievement Team Leader, and Mrs Wardle, Care Team for year 10.

Our aim, as a team, is to make sure our students are able to reach their full potential through working collaboratively with Subject Teachers, Subject Leaders, Senior Leadership Team, Attendance Team, Parents and any other agencies that are deemed necessary to help us achieve our aim.

We believe that parental engagement is crucial for our students to be successful. Developing a positive working relationship with the parents of our students is very important going forward and we would like to welcome parents and carers to contact the academy to raise any concerns you may have with regards to your child’s academic and pastoral needs.

The year 10 form tutors are a pivotal part of the team, the daily point of contact for students, first thing in the morning and at the end of each day. They will be on hand to support the students day to day but also to hold students to account for not playing their part in being organized, equipped and ready for learning.

On behalf of myself and Mrs Wardle we would like to welcome our students back to year 10 and we look forward to working with you.

Mrs Lewis

Achievement Team Leader