Welcome to Year 11

After having a difficult end to year 10, due to the unforeseen global pandemic, it is now more important than ever that we move into year 11 with vigour and determination. Year 11 sees the consolidation of all you learnt in and outside of school, and signals the end of your two year GCSE qualifications. You will, undoubtedly, feel a mixture of emotions as you transition into your final year, but the year 11 team will be here every step of the way!

You’ll find that you will learn not only subject content to help you in your exams, but skills to help you revise and recall this information for your end of year public examinations. In order to achieve well, students need to adopt a mature attitude, refine organisational skills and develop resilience to overcome any challenges that may arise over the course of the year.  

The Year 11 team seeks to support student learning and to ensure that all students reach their academic goals with care and positivity. Mrs Lewis, the Achievement Team Leader, will oversee student progress and attainment. Mrs Wardle will represent the Year Care Team for issues such as student care, behaviour and wellbeing. Tutors will monitor how students use their planners and advise them on areas concerning personal organisation and academic progress. Tutors will also be the first point of contact for managing stress and pressure that builds up during the course of the year. All of this is underpinned by the work of the subject teachers, ensuring students are guided in their learning and progress.

With all of this in mind we will all work together to ensure you are able to catch up and attain what we know you are capable of, starting with revision packs, morning revision sessions and individual aspiration conversations.

Parental engagement is at the heart of GCSE success. Throughout this journey, parents and students may find the courses, structure and assessments daunting. Mrs Lewis, Mrs Wardle and the rest of the Year 11 team would like to extend our support to both students and parents, as a positive relationship is integral to student success and wellbeing. Please do not hesitate to contact the school with any questions or concerns you may have.

Year 11 can be a challenging year, but, present within this challenge is the ability to achieve great things. We look forward to supporting you throughout the year.

Mrs Lewis & Mrs Wardle

Achievement Team Leader