Welcome to Year 11

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,’ – Nelson Mandela


Year 11 is the time for amalgamating all the knowledge, skills and experiences the students’ educational journey has taught them and apply these in the drive for success in their GSCEs.

With the teaching and support of the staff, the need for students to take ownership and responsibility over their progress is paramount. Students are expected to be aware of their areas of understanding that need further development as directed by their teachers and take steps beyond the classroom to improve these through the completion of independent study and regular attendance at subject specific intervention activities.

In addition to the provision of revision guides in all their subjects, the students have access to the school library and the resources this wonderful facility has to offer. Further resources and support are often posted through Google Classroom which students should be accessing on a daily basis.

The need for enriching their academic curriculum through involvement in the range of extra-curricular activities available is still one that should be met. This will continue to enhance their holistic education, and can provide some needed, and productive time away from their formal studies with the many health benefits this can bring.

During this, their examination year, students may feel they need additional support especially during the transition into this more stressful phase of their education and they can find this not only from their teachers and academic staff but also from their year team – Achievement Team Leader, Miss Nicholls and Year Care Team, Mrs Presland, in addition to their dedicated form tutor.

Form tutors remain a pivotal part of the team, they provide daily contact for students both first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon. They are here to support the students and ensure students are held to account for being fully prepared for their daily lessons and activities.

Parental engagement is crucial in ensuring students have outstanding attendance, punctuality and a positive approach to their studies. Our continued positive relationship with parents will aid the student’s education and we ask that communication remains open and consistent. The student planner is our initial source of communication and can be used for informing the school of any notices you may need to give, weekly signing by both the parents and form tutors allows for all stakeholders to monitor communications and the home learning that is being submitted. Further contact can be made through the form tutors, Year Care Team, Achievement team by contacting us at the school. It is this successful partnership between the school and parents/carers that supports the students and allows them to thrive.

It is expected that students are always – ‘in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’

We are on hand to discuss any queries or concerns you may have about your child’s education and progress through year 11 and to be informed of anything they achieve outside of school – we enjoy recognising the students’ efforts through assemblies, bulletins and the school’s website. Please feel free to contact your child form tutor and the care team so we can assist you.

We look forward to working with you.

Miss Nicholls

Achievement Team Leader