News and Achievement Assemblies

Film Night

Last Thursday 6th February, we held our first Film Night. This was a rewards event for our Year 7s who consistently follow our school rule, ‘be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’. The students watched the film Aladdin, starring Will Smith.

One of those attending, Lily said, ‘It was an amazing evening and everyone had a good time. As well as watching the film, it was nice to chill out with our friends and mix with students from other tutor groups that we don’t normally spend time with’.

Everyone took part in the raffle and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We hope to repeat the success of this occasion by hosting further events for our year 7s in the near future.

As we are approaching the middle of the half term, I decided that I should run an event that would highlight pupils’ successes. Pupils who have come to school on time, with the right attitude and completed work to the best of their ability will be invited to “film night” at Cecil Jones Academy. The event will run on the 6th of February. Please keep your eye out for your child’s invitation!

Pupils in year 7 were set homework to either draw a sketch or produce a model of the Motte and Bailey Castles.

“Motte and bailey castles appeared in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Motte and bailey castles were a common feature in England by the death of William the Conqueror in 1087. Their construction was the start of what was to become a massive castle building programme in England and Wales”

Below are some examples of the pupils’ work. Well done Year 7.

Subject awards include;

  • Golden Pass: Billy Russell
  • Student of the Week: Billy Russell
  • Mathematicians of the week: Jaiden Wavell
  • Scientist of the Week: Ruby Fox
  • English Student of the Week: Kitty Callan
  • Historian of the Week: Trent Hunter
  • Artist of the Week: Lily Crockford
  • Spanish Pupil of the Week: Channel Cabral

The first week back at the Academy has been a huge success, the majority of pupils have arrived at school on time, have completed all their homework and are equipped and ready for lessons. I hope everyone enjoyed their break and are ready for the new term.

This week I have decided not to award student of the week and the golden pass, instead I have set a challenge to: “Do one helpful act each day! E.g. hold the door open for someone, pick up a piece of rubbish, ask your parents if they need any help”. The pupils who are actively being helpful will gain the above awards for next week.

At the Academy, we believe reading books has a huge benefit to each pupil, both mentally and academically. I would therefore like to congratulate the following people who are actively participating in the accelerate reader program.

Subject awards include;

  • Student of the week for English: Cherry Townsend
  • Student of the week for Maths: Jesse McGlynn
  • Student of the week for Science: Kelsey Dewis
  • Student of the week for PE: Jared Wicker
  • Student of the week for Drama: Logan Hardy

Our current Bronze award winners are:


Presley Green 149
Arta Qarri 142
Sam Cundy 142
Thomas Newman-Hooper 138
Izzy GROVES 136
Erolla Berisha 131
Logan Morgan 131
Jamie Seymour 129
Eve Clarke 129
Rucsandrea-Annamaria Olaru 128
Muhammed Javaid 127
Pavlovs Maksims 126
Shannon Tyler 125
Konstantin Marinov 124
Fayth Burgess 123
Kirils Drankins 122
Thomas Reader 122
Channel Cabral 121
Kitty Callan 116


Week 14

One week left at school until the Christmas holidays. I would like to remind pupils that next week the Christmas hamper boxes will be judged by the 6th formers. They will be looking for the best designed box, if you have any spare tins of food/packets of dried goods please donate to help us support our local food banks. The judging will not be based on the contents, but the design.

Our ‘student of the week’ this week and golden pass holder goes to Konstantin Marinov. Konstantin frequently hands pieces of homework earlier than the deadline and puts extra effort into everything he does. He walks around with a smile on his face, always says good morning and is supportive of his peers. Well done Konstantin.

Subject awards include;

  • Mathematicians of the week: Chanel Jaskowiak
  • Scientist of the Week: Channel Cabral
  • English Student of the Week: Lily Crockford
  • Athlete of the Week: Emma Rickwood

Well done and all of our Bronze award winners:

Presley Green Annamaria Olaru Rucsandrea-
Arta Qarri Kitty Callan
Izzy GROVES Kirils Drankins
Sam Cundy Muhammed Javaid
Thomas Newman-Hooper Cabral Channel
Logan Morgan Jay Simons
Jamie Seymour Thomas Reader
Erolla Berisha Shannon Tyler
Maksims Pavlovs Konstantin Marinov
Eve Clarke Ruby Fox

Enjoy the last school week of 2019!

Week 13

Due to the Inset day on the 2nd of December, the whole school was fortunate enough to have a four day week! I do hope that pupils made the most out of this time off, ensuring homework was completed and of course time was made to spend a few extra hours with loved ones.

Our student of the week this week and golden pass holder goes to Logan Morgan. Logan is usually a quiet pupil who just gets on with his work, there is never a fuss and he is incredibly is very hard working.

Subject awards include;

  • Golden Pass: Logan Morgan
  • Student of the Week: Logan Morgan
  • Mathematicians of the week: Chanel Cabral
  • Scientist of the Week: Elsie Mae Labuschagne
  • English Students of the Week: Jay Simons
  • Athlete of the Week: Athletes of the Week: Sadie Corney, Emma Rickwood and Ruby Fox.

Our current Bronze award winners are:

Presley Green 120
Izzy GROVES 117
Arta Qarri 115
Sam Cundy 111
Thomas Newman-Hooper 108
Logan Morgan 106
Maksims Pavlovs 105
Erolla Berisha 105
Eve Clarke 104
Jamie Seymour 104
Kitty Callan 103


These pupils will be receiving their badge and certificate in our next assembly.

Year 7 please keep up the hard work! Two more weeks until the Christmas holidays.

After a very successful half term, we have had a very busy first week back at the Academy. On Monday 4th we welcomed “Prison Me No Way” who are an organisation that work with many schools up and down the country. Their aim is to teach pupils to make the right choices. They ran a variety of different workshops, such as: drugs, choices, county lines, Network Rail and The Fire Service. The pupils were very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed asking questions and hearing about real life examples.

We also had our Meet the Tutor evening on Thursday 7th of November, where parents/carers met with their child’s tutor, ATL and enjoyed some of the food our amazing Year 10 GCSE Hospitality and Catering students made. The evening was a huge success and it was wonderful to meet so many parents, I cannot stress enough how useful the evening was for myself and the pupils.

I am also pleased to announce that our Year 7 rewards trip for Autumn Term is to Kid’s Kingdom – the official date and information will be sent to the parents of those pupils who have had outstanding attitude to learning and behaviour since the start of the academic year.

es. Good luck to all Year 11 forms.

Week 6

Ms Reeves ran the assembly this week, focusing on the quote: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we see”, by Barack Obama. It’s really important that we are all aware of ourselves and our surroundings, ensuring that we think about our actions prior to acting. The best way to act is to “treat other people, the way you would like to be treated”.

A special well done to Joshua Randal for receiving the Golden Lanyard, in addition to this he also received ‘Mathematician of the week’ too. Joshua is excelling in mathematics and his hard work is paying off, as shown in achieving two awards. Our student of the week is Lacey Dawkins who has received many positive referral points both for her attitude to learning, as well as her behaviour.

Continuing on with our weekly Subject Accolades, I’m pleased to announced that Harry La and Jay Simons both obtained nominations in English; Toby Jones for Science. I would also like to highlight the following pupils for producing outstanding pieces for homework; Konstantin Marinov, Arta Qarri, Rocco Dobson, Joshua Mason and Lilly Despy.

I was happy to award 7L with the attendance certificate for their attendance last week, in addition to this they also received the most amount of achievement points for the form groups attitude to learning.

These accolades really highlight Cecil Jones’ philosophy of, ‘be in the right place, at the right timer, doing the right thing’.

Week 4

Mr Johnson opened up assembly this afternoon, focussing on the quote: A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams or your dignity.

A special well done to Presley Green for achieving Student of the Week his firm commitment to his studies! He’s definitely an excellent example for approaching education with the right attitude. Our Year 7 Golden Lanyard recipient is Shannon Tyler. She is consistently showing good engagement and positive attitude to learning across the board! Well done!

Continuing on with our weekly Subject Accolades, I’m pleased to announced that Erolla Berish obtained the English nomination; Torian Anderson for Science; Alan Mirga, Jaiden Wavell, Kitty Callan, Lily Cox for Art. All of these nominations truly deserved.

I was happy to award 7L with the attendance certificate for their attendance last week. By getting to school on time every day, students will feel better prepared and more engaged in lessons. Some tutor groups need to work on their attendance, as this will result in better student performance and positively impact their marks. Continue to set those alarms and get to school on time-- your achievement depends on it!

These accolades really highlight Cecil Jones’ philosophy of, “at the right place, at the right time doing the right thing”.

Week 3

As we are coming towards the end of week 3, I have had an astounding number of teachers emailing me to congratulate students for their hard work in lessons. During the course of the week, I have observed lots of different and engaging lessons, but my favourite observation this week has been PE cross country. So many students were giving the task their best effort, I must highlight Lily Crockford, Toby Jones and Lewis Bakanowski, as they could be the future borough champions.

Below is a list of the students who have been awarded the most positive achievement points so far this academic year. When the students reach 100 points, they will receive a certificate and bronze badge in an assembly.

Name Points
GROVES Izzy 41
Cabral Channel 37
Richards Harlie 34
Newman-Hooper Thomas 34
Cundy Sam 34
Rickwood Emma 34
Peters Hazel 33
Corrigan Lilie-Mae 33
Sansom Roxanne 32
Brunt Maizey 32
Qarri Arta 32
Anderson Kian 32
Wakefield Lucas 32
Dempsey Jack 32
Clarke Eve 31
Pavlovs Maksims 31
Taylor Tommy-Lee 31
Green Presley 31
Hunter Trent 30
Corney Sadie 30
Jaskowiak Chanel 30
Despy Lilly 30
Hollingsworth Shannon 30
Kennedy Harrison 29
Javaid Muhammed 29
Dare Logan 29
Holloway Jake 29
Lockhart Malachi 29
Reader Thomas 28
Morgan Logan 28
Mica Mario 28
Dawkins Lacey 28
Moss-Phipps Kayleigh 28
Berisha Erolla 28
Bakanowski Lewis 28
Cairnes Frayzer 28
Loudon Mark 28
Olaru Rucsandrea-Annamaria 27
Barker Bailey 27
Duzda Angelo 27
Ward Nevaeh 27
Gates Markus 27
Gordon Alexis 26
Pemhiwa Shanice 26
Fox Ruby 26
Labuschagne Elsie-Mae 26
Peirson-Barnes Jacob 25
Anderson Torian 25
Turner Karlos 25
Tyler Shannon 25
Dobson Rocco 25
Godevschi Madalina 24
Saleemi Zakir 24
Burgess Fayth 24
Borisevica Vladislava 24
Seymour Jamie 24
Hardy Logan 24
Carey Amy 24
McKagan Reagan 24
Simons Jay 24
Randall Joshua 23
Deane Jayden 23
Jones Toby 23
Callan Kitty 23
Mason Joshua 23
Simpson Finley 23
Mucha Gejza 23
Herod-Dyball Cameron 22
Douglas Harley 22
Scott Mia-Rose 22
Drankins Kirils 22
Puskas Petra 22
Mozdzen Olivia 22
Sivakova Melanie 22
Amour Jasmine 22
Adams Summer 22
Hughes Owen 22
Mirga Alan 22
Marinov Konstantin 22
MURSELL Lexi-Anne 22
Jones Teigan 21
Edmonds James 21
Chelsea Alyssa 21
Andrews Ruby 21

Well done Year 7 for the great start you have made a Cecil Jones academy.  Mrs Klein and I are very proud of you all.

Miss Zinonos

Achievement Team Leader for Year 7.

Start of term

Well done to year 7 for an excellent start to the term. This week has seen nominations in lots of subjects.

Golden Pass: Owen Hughes

Students of the Week: Bailey Barker & Vayu Patel (Sports afterschool)

Mathematician of the week: Neveah Ward

Scientist of the Week: Cherry Townsend

English Student of the week: Torian Anderson

Year 7 currently have a group attendance of 98.4% which is an excellent attempt. I was very happy to award 7C for achieving the highest attendance at 99.29% this week, they have set the bar high and I hope that all pupils are aiming for 100%. The less time students lose at school means that more learning will taken place that will ultimately result in the students feeling prepared, confident and happy with their studies.

The year 7 football team should also be congratulated on their draw this week. Well done for representing the Academy.

Keep working hard year 7 and please take up our extracurricular opportunities.