Welcome to Year 9

‘What you believe, you can achieve’

Year 9 is an exciting time of transition for our students. Although still part of Key Stage 3 and enjoying the breadth of study this has to offer, students begin to consider the areas they would like to specialise in as they move towards Key Stage 4 and their G.C.S.E. option choices.

It is a vital time in the student’s education as they further embed the foundations of their knowledge, understanding and skills to give themselves every opportunity to thrive within their further studies. Students need to remain focused and engaged in all their studies to ensure they meet their full academic abilities on completing the Key Stage.

Students should endeavour to enrich their academic curriculum through full involvement in the many extra-curricular activities the academy has to offer. Not only will this enhance their holistic education but could give rise to new interests, hobbies and lifelong involvement in these activities.

During year 9, students will be fully supported by all members of the academy, in particular from their year team which include, Achievement Team Leader Mr Johnson and care team for year 9, Miss Ferris.

Both Mr Johnson and Miss Ferris will work closely with all those involved in the student’s education – Subject Teachers, Subject Leads, Senior Leadership Team, Attendance Team, Parents and outside agencies to ensure that students are able to access all aspects of their education and be given the support needed to reach their full potential.

The year 9 form tutors are a pivotal part of the team, the daily point of contact for students, first thing in the morning and at the end of each day. They will be on hand to support the students day to day but also to hold students to account for not playing their part in being organised, equipped and ready for learning.

A successful school experience relies on positive team work between the school, the students and the parents/carers.

We ask for parents/carers to support their child’s education by ensuring outstanding attendance and punctuality. Students need to be fully equipped for their learning, without such equipment students are unable to access parts of their curriculum. We ask for regular communication – the students planner can be used for this, further contact can be made through the care team and subject teachers. It is this successful partnership that allows students to be fully supported and ready to thrive in all aspects of their school career.

It is expected that all students display good or outstanding learning behaviours at all times, are engaged in their studies and contributing to a positive learning environment in which all students can excel. They are expected to complete all set homework promptly and to the best of their abilities. They can extend their learning by reading around the subject and completing independent research on the topics they are studying.

We are on hand to discuss any concerns or queries you may have about your child’s education and progress throughout year 9, so please feel free to contact your child’s form tutor and the year team so we can assist you.

We look forward to working with you


Mr Johnson

Achievement Team Leader