See the Signs – Year 7

On 4th March 2020, Cecil Jones Academy welcomed staff from the Southend Adolescent Intervention and Prevention Team to our school. One of the focuses of this team is to provide intervention and support to young people who may be at risk of any form of child exploitation as well as working with parents to help them to manage these risks within their families.

All of our year 7 students took part in workshops throughout the day based on the ‘See the Signs’ campaign. This campaign has been set up by Southend Borough Council and Essex Police and is aimed at educating the community on County Lines and Child Exploitation. One of the other focuses of the campaign and workshops was knife crime.

The team used videos, images and stories from both fictional and real life families which helped to have a bigger impact on the students. They also gave the students lots of opportunities ask and answer questions. This level of interaction within the sessions made it very easy for the students to get involved and they stayed engaged throughout the day. The feedback was very good and our young people reported that they gained a lot of information and awareness on the topics discussed. Behaviour of the year group was also very good and they were very respectful to not only the team but to their fellow students.

Thank you to the AIP team for coming into Cecil Jones Academy to deliver the ‘See the Signs’ workshops and well done to our year 7 students!

“Knife crime can really destroy families. It made me think that people shouldn’t carry knives for the safety of society”


“It was really interesting for our futures. It Really made you think about the decisions we make and the impacts a poor decision can have on our lives. I would hope people think back to this session.”