“Problem solving is the act of defining a problem; determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for a solution; and implementing a solution”

During their enrichment session on Monday, Year 12 & 13 worked together to solve a problem, which became a source of great amusement, yet a perfect opportunity to team build and work together. Without warning, Mrs Dudbridge informed the Sixth Form that they would be cooking in teams of 4 and provided students with a list of ingredients and a recipe.

The students stepped up to the challenge and faced the problems head on. The end results were not only delicious onion bhaji’s but a sense of achievement, team building and enjoyment was had by all.

Our Sixth Form students had a great day out last week when they were lucky enough to attend the UK University & Apprenticeship Search Fair at the Tottenham football stadium in London.

The event allowed students to explore all post 18 opportunities in one place with a huge range of exhibitors. Some of the Universities attending included the Russell group, modern and specialist institutions as well as colleges and apprenticeship providers.

Students were able to explore exhibition stands, benefit from live chat with admissions officers, student ambassadors and recruitment teams to ask any questions they may have.

UK University search offer many opportunities to research Post 18 options, throughout the year.


Biology – Dissecting Locust

Future entomologists in training during year 12 Biology this week. As part of the A level biology course the students carry out a number of Core Practical activities. This allows the students to develop and improve their skills. The activity being carried out here is the dissection of a locust in order to explore the structure of an insects gas exchange system. The students were guided through the ethical issues that can arise while carrying out dissection prior to this activity. They were able to identify all of the key structures within the locust and link these to the function of them.

Applying for University: UCAS & Apprenticeship process launching soon

Further to our recent letter informing you of the launch of our exciting "Enrichment" programme for year 12 students on the 4th May 2021. There is more happening in 6th form that we want you be kept in the loop about.

What is happening?

The "Applying for University: UCAS & Apprenticeship process" will begin shortly - during the month of May.

Mrs Dudbridge will be issuing the parental guidance for UCAS in due course, which will provide much more information about how to support your child when applying for university and hopefully help answer any questions about this exciting but nervous process as students begin to consider the next stage in their lives. We have also started to fill our information area with lots of interesting university prospectuses – these can be found in the 6th form study area.

Please also follow the link here to the UCAS page which offers answers about the next steps : https://www.ucas.com/what-are-my-options

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the 6th form team.


Uk University and apprenticeship Virtual Fair – supporting our students in thinking about their future

The event for students in Years 13, 12 and 11, will feature over 100 exhibitors and a range of vital webinars. We have also now added an exciting new feature which enables users to view virtual tours of university campuses. Exhibitors will include the universities' of Oxford, Cambridge, Kings, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Kent, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Queen Mary, Leicester, Liverpool, Southampton, Sheffield, Surrey, Warwick and York, as well as the National Apprenticeships Service. See our list of the  exhibitors and webinars at: https://ukunisearch.vfairs.com/

Fancy some work experience?

Here is some more really exciting news about a brand new Law Virtual Work Experience program taking place during the Easter Holidays with Browne Jacobson. As many of you will know finding law work experience is really hard to come by so I'm hoping this opportunity is welcome.

Browne Jacobson are a top 50 law firm with offices all over the UK and revenues of £50million. These two days in the Easter Holidays are going to provide students with a really great insight into how a law firm works and makes money, the different departments they have, and an opportunity to talk with lots of different solicitors.

Law Virtual Work Experience:

  • Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th April, 9am - 4pm each day
  • Partner welcome talk
  • An insight to law, their different departments and areas of work (including non law routes)
  • Breakout rooms with solicitors in talking about different areas of law
  • Workshops & interactive sessions
  • Open to all Y11, S4, Y12 / S5, Y13 / S6 & Y14 students

Application Link: 


UCC Virtual Open Events 2020-21.

Exclusive opportunity to speak to course tutors and learn all about the degrees on offer from the comfort of your home!

When are the events?

Events will take place throughout the year, Next event is…..

 Thursday 18th March, 6pm

How the events will work?

When you book your place you’ll be asked to select a subject.

Further details sent after place is booked.

What else has been on offer from the 6th form team?

Here is a short review on previous events we have offered to students – please support us and encourage your son or daughter to register or take up these opportunities.

Students were given the chance to apply to summer school with UCL.

What is it?

Every year UCL run a series of Summer Schools in partnership with the Sutton Trust. They have a wide range of subjects to choose from, designed to give students a taste of studying at University.

Students were also invited by the University of Lincoln to an insightful session into potential Maths and Physics Careers  This is a great thing to add to CV’s, Personal statements and application forms.


Can we ask of you?

Please continue to keep an eye out for superb enrichment and aspiration opportunities and continue to encourage your son or daughter to look on their year steam Google Classroom.

If they or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the 6th form team.

  • Mrs Reeves – SLT link
  • Mrs Dudbridge – Achievement Team Leader Years 12 and 13
  • Mrs Sear – Pastoral year team Years 12 and 13.

The week, Make Happen have funded an excellent opportunity for all of our Year 13 students to take part in an interactive revision skills workshop via Zoom.

Students took away from the session valuable revision techniques and understanding of why and how to study and stay motivated and on track.

One student said, ‘I really enjoyed the presenter’s enthusiasm and energy. It made the information more fun to take in.’

Another stated, “I thought this was full of useful tips on how to study and not waste time. It will help me succeed.’

As a help to our students, following on from this session we will provide everyone with a revision help pack including Post It notes, highlighters and flash cards for making excellent revision aids based on advice given in the session.

We would like to thank Make Happen for this inspiring opportunity for our students.

Well done Year 11 for participating so well during the session.

6th Form students during their free time have been working on a launch video for this festive charity event to raise funds for Great Ormand Street, Little Havens and Save the Children:

This week saw Year 11 students attend 6th form subject markets for Geography and Art Courses. Students could find out further information about the courses, progression opportunities and speak with teachers about what it is like to study these subjects at A - Level.

Helping our 6th formers become career ready by connecting students with industry leading employers.

Cecil Jones 6th form is on a mission to give our students access to the top jobs with nationally recognised employers. Opening our young people’s eyes to the possibilities ahead of them.
















For Apprenticeships, our students have an opportunity to attend the following online event:

CECIL JONES STUDENT COMPLETED VIRTUAL WORK EXPERIENCE AND “STANDS OUT AS A NATURAL LEADER” Comments from the work experience provider “For the Cecil Jones student in particular, I was impressed by him and he stood out for me. He was the first person to ask a question, on the first call, in front of everyone (only 1 other question was asked on that call). I can see that he is a natural leader, and took on a leadership type role within his group despite not being the formal team captain. He did a great job.” What did the work experience involve?
  • Students had to create and present a pitch which encouraged 18- 24year olds to engage in a pension plan.
  • This was a team role via Teams where several work experience attendees had to meet for the first time and successfully achieve the aims of the task via a presentation.
Post 16 choices and raising aspirations – Exclusive look at studying at Cecil Jones 6th Form As well as providing further information to ensure our year 11 students are career ready, we have also completed our first of 3 weeks of “meet the Post 16” teachers. This took place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our newly refurbished sixth form study area. A list of the courses on offer can be found on the Cecil Jones Academy Website here: courses on offer – Please see link here https://www.ceciljonesacademy.net/the-sixth-form/curriculum/ This is an exclusive opportunity for Year 11 Cecil Jones students to meet subject teachers of  the many courses on offer at Cecil Jones 16th form before the public opening evening takes place virtually in December 2020. With a potential of a further seven additional courses being offered from September 2021, including BTEC Sport, Finance, Engineering. Politics, Physics, Core Maths and Spanish - this is an exciting look at the options and pathways our year 11 students can take should they stay here and attend the ever expanding 6th form. Well done to all of our year 11 students who attended these markets and asked superb questions about the subjects, examination content, resources and where it can take them. The teachers have been thrilled to continue to raise the aspirations of our students as they explore the next step in their education at Cecil Jones Academy. Next up are:
  • Monday - Biology and Chemistry
  • Wednesday - Drama and English
  • Friday - History and Geography
Here are some photos of the subjects whose markets have taken place this week:  

Reminder that the deadlines for student applications is 15th January 2021 at 6pm via UCAS.

Additional information regarding important dates is attached in the UCAS parental guide we issued to parents in September 2020.

Parents Guide to UCAS