Helping our 6th formers become career ready by connecting students with industry leading employers.

Cecil Jones 6th form is on a mission to give our students access to the top jobs with nationally recognised employers. Opening our young people’s eyes to the possibilities ahead of them.
















For Apprenticeships, our students have an opportunity to attend the following online event:

CECIL JONES STUDENT COMPLETED VIRTUAL WORK EXPERIENCE AND “STANDS OUT AS A NATURAL LEADER” Comments from the work experience provider “For the Cecil Jones student in particular, I was impressed by him and he stood out for me. He was the first person to ask a question, on the first call, in front of everyone (only 1 other question was asked on that call). I can see that he is a natural leader, and took on a leadership type role within his group despite not being the formal team captain. He did a great job.” What did the work experience involve?
  • Students had to create and present a pitch which encouraged 18- 24year olds to engage in a pension plan.
  • This was a team role via Teams where several work experience attendees had to meet for the first time and successfully achieve the aims of the task via a presentation.
Post 16 choices and raising aspirations – Exclusive look at studying at Cecil Jones 6th Form As well as providing further information to ensure our year 11 students are career ready, we have also completed our first of 3 weeks of “meet the Post 16” teachers. This took place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our newly refurbished sixth form study area. A list of the courses on offer can be found on the Cecil Jones Academy Website here: courses on offer – Please see link here This is an exclusive opportunity for Year 11 Cecil Jones students to meet subject teachers of  the many courses on offer at Cecil Jones 16th form before the public opening evening takes place virtually in December 2020. With a potential of a further seven additional courses being offered from September 2021, including BTEC Sport, Finance, Engineering. Politics, Physics, Core Maths and Spanish - this is an exciting look at the options and pathways our year 11 students can take should they stay here and attend the ever expanding 6th form. Well done to all of our year 11 students who attended these markets and asked superb questions about the subjects, examination content, resources and where it can take them. The teachers have been thrilled to continue to raise the aspirations of our students as they explore the next step in their education at Cecil Jones Academy. Next up are:
  • Monday - Biology and Chemistry
  • Wednesday - Drama and English
  • Friday - History and Geography
Here are some photos of the subjects whose markets have taken place this week: