Art and Design

Course Description 

The qualification is designed for post-16 learners who want to study art and design related degree courses at higher education. Learners gain knowledge and understanding of visual communication and the creative process to develop their creative voice. Learners develop an understanding of the importance and influence of the work of artists and designers to develop and realise their creative intentions. They produce a portfolio of art and design work to support progression to higher education. Optional units allow learners to gain knowledge in areas such as fashion, textiles, graphics, photography, and fine art.

This is a two year full time course of study.

Equivalent in size to three A Levels.

  • 13 units of which 7 are mandatory and 4 are external.
  • Mandatory content (66%).
  • External assessment (42%).

This course is offered with a choice of art disciplines, to be arranged as the course continues, students will be given opportunities to address the following units from the selection below. Some are compulsory units of study, some are student’s choice, this decision is made as the students’ progress on the course.

  • Unit 1: Visual Recording and Communication
  • Unit 2: Critical and Contextual Studies in Art and Design
  • Unit 3: The Creative Process
  • Unit 4: Materials, Techniques and Processes in Art and Design
  • Unit 5: Developing an Art and Design Portfolio
  • Unit 6: Managing a Client Brief
  • Unit 7: Developing and Realising Creative Intentions
  • Unit 9: Photographic Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 10: Graphics Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 11: Interactive Design Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 12: Fine Art Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 14: Textile Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 15: Fashion Materials, Techniques and Processes
  • Unit 17: Studio Photography
  • Unit 18: Location Photography
  • Unit 19: Digital Image Capture and Editing
  • Unit 24: Graphic Illustration
  • Unit 29: Constructed Textiles
  • Unit 30: Woven Textiles
  • Unit 31: Surface Design for Textiles
  • Unit 32: Digital Applications for Textiles
  • Unit 33: Fashion Design
  • Unit 35: Fashion Promotion
  • Unit 36: Manufacturing Methods for Fashion
  • Unit 39: Working to Scale
  • Unit 40: Contemporary Fine Art Practice
  • Unit 41: Painting
  • Unit 44: Public Art
  • Unit 45: Curating an Exhibition

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These can vary from photographic tours to visits to art galleries and museums. Visits to professional artists and studios’/work placements could also be arranged.