Exam board: Edexcel

Course Description 

This course aims to develop the ability to apply mathematical skills and techniques in other subjects and to lay foundations for the further study of mathematics and other disciplines. In this course students will study Pure mathematics which pushes students to develop their algebraic skills of sequences and co-ordinate geometry as well as pushes them to new heights where they will learn about differentiation and integration. Students will also learn topics revolving around Statistics and Mechanics, this applied branch of Mathematics allows student to develop skills on how Maths is implemented in the real world to solve and model complex problems. In Statistics the emphasis is on analysing data and using this to test hypothesis and draw conclusions whilst Mechanics focuses on the laws of motion as well as forces acting on an object.

Content overview for Pure
  • Topic 1 – Proof
  • Topic 2 – Algebra and functions
  • Topic 3 – Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane
  • Topic 4 – Sequences and series
  • Topic 5 – Trigonometry
  • Topic 6 – Exponentials and logarithms
  • Topic 7 – Differentiation
  • Topic 8 – Integration
  • Topic 9 – Numerical methods
  • Topic 10 – Vectors Assessment overview
Content overview for Statistics
  • Topic 1 – Statistical sampling
  • Topic 2 – Data presentation and interpretation
  • Topic 3 – Probability
  • Topic 4 – Statistical distributions
  • Topic 5 – Statistical hypothesis testing
Content overview for Mechanics
  • Topic 6 – Quantities and units in mechanics
  • Topic 7 – Kinematics
  • Topic 8 – Forces and Newton’s laws
  • Topic 9 – Moments

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If you have a real passion for Mathematics and have achieved a grade 7 at GCSE, this course will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of algebraic concepts as well as discover brand new elements to the subject with will further peak your curiosity.

By taking and A-level in Maths you will also start to see where maths in used to solve more complex real life problems by studying the applied sections and how it links with Physics by working closely on the motion of object, as well as discovering how the probability of events is used in working out the spread of diseases.

An A-Level in Maths is always highly regarded and allows many doors to open in career paths later in life.