Year 10 assembly

It was a pleasure to start the term with a Year 10 assembly that celebrated high expectations and achievement. Today in assembly, Tania Woods earned the Student of the Week for her engagement and attainment across the board. Tania embodies the Year 10 motto, “If you are true to your work, your work will be true to you.” Well done Tania!

Ronnie Malone and Clara Robson obtained the coveted Golden Lanyards during assembly. These golden lanyards give students the opportunity to jump ahead of the lunch queue and celebrate their positive attitude to learning. Ronnie is a dedicated and engaged worker and dramaturg, while Clara is always striving to achieve her own high expectations. Well done!

Paige Fletcher has been nominated by the English department for her achievement, engagement and support of the department last term, while Barbara Molnar was recognised by the Maths department for her dedicated work ethic and achievement. Accolades all around!

A number of students were praised for their 100% attendance during Spring term. These students include: Haaris Ahmed, Bobby Bradford, Amethyst Clement, Harry Denton, Maryam Elsayed, Maria Estavan, Grace Fane, Jake Goodwin, Taylor Green, Sahra Hossein, Samir Kahrimanovic, Samuel Kemp, Gabriella Kisoka, Jaydah-Leigh Lane, Megan Lilley, Ronnie Malone, Harry Mead-Meszaros, Ali Mehdi, Barbara Molnar, Theresa N’Kunga, Vidhi Patell, Ellie Ransley, Toby Robson, Archie Salmon, Danny Short, Ellie South, Mateusz Trembecki, Eden Washbrook, Abigail Wells and Zak Woodford. With great attendance comes the greater possibility of high marks and these students are on their way to achieving them. I hope to see more names on this list next term!

It’s all about being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I look forward to more honours and celebrations in the coming assemblies this term.