Year 10 trip to QinetiQ at the MOD Shoebury

On Wednesday 12th February we took 16 students to the MOD in Shoebury for an educational visit. After an introduction including a presentation outlining the work that QinetiQ undertake at the MOD, careers and the testing of weapons we moved onto the first activity of the day which was the R Battery Football Challenge.

The students were split into two teams using hand held radios to communicate, they took part in an activity where they had to kick a football at a goal 12 yards away and using a basic formula they had to calculate the velocity.
After lunch they were taken to one of the guns that is used for testing. They were surprised to hear that this particular gun could fire a missile that could hit a target 30 miles away.

The next activity was the Trebuchet Challenge which is a smaller version of a medieval catapult that was used to attack castles. The students had to split into four teams and hit targets at various distances. They were able to vary the distance of the projectile by adjusting the weights on the trebuchet.

It was a fantastic experience for the students who completed a feedback questionnaire before leaving. QinetiQ gave us a summary of this below.

‘The feedback was surprisingly mixed with the R Battery Football session outscoring the Trebuchet Challenge which is unusual. One student even said their favourite part of the day was the intro session and learning about careers – that never happens!’