Year 10 zoom – raising resilience performance from Make Happen

Performance in Education – ‘Unlocked’

On Tuesday 12th November, our year 10 students were fortunate to watch a play performed for them via Zoom. Fully funded by Make Happen, ‘Unlocked’ follows three friends returning to school and the skills they need to manage their studies, emotions and fulfil their potential after an unprecedented break in their education.

Following the main performance, the students engaged in an interactive workshop with the performers covering the topics explored within the play.

The students really enjoyed being able to interact and ask and answer questions through the audio on Zoom and look further into some of the topics covered.

The topics covered included; Improving Resilience, Raising Aspirations and Managing Mental Health, all really useful and current for our year 10 during this time.

The quality of the performance and how it resonated with many of our students was fantastic and a real pleasure to see them being able to experience such events during the current restrictions.

One student said “I really enjoyed the performance. I like how it made me think about important issues without realising I was. It is good to know there are lots of people worried about coming back to school and wanting to catch up. It’s not just me”

I would like to thank Performance in Education and Make Happen for streaming this event to us and also all the students for their engagement and positivity during both the performance and interactive workshop.

Well done Year 10.