Year 13 Make Happen revision session on Zoom

The week, Make Happen have funded an excellent opportunity for all of our Year 13 students to take part in an interactive revision skills workshop via Zoom.

Students took away from the session valuable revision techniques and understanding of why and how to study and stay motivated and on track.

One student said, ‘I really enjoyed the presenter’s enthusiasm and energy. It made the information more fun to take in.’

Another stated, “I thought this was full of useful tips on how to study and not waste time. It will help me succeed.’

As a help to our students, following on from this session we will provide everyone with a revision help pack including Post It notes, highlighters and flash cards for making excellent revision aids based on advice given in the session.

We would like to thank Make Happen for this inspiring opportunity for our students.

Well done Year 11 for participating so well during the session.