Year 9 Assembly

I was pleased to start the term with a Year 9 assembly that celebrated the excellent behaviour, effort and progress of our students in year 9. Today in assembly, Levi Clutterbuck was recognised as our first ‘Student of the Week’ for excellent progress and attainment in lessons across the board. Excellent work Levi!

Mia Winters and Sherie Corney received our first ‘Golden Passes’ during our assembly too. These golden Passes give students and a friend the opportunity to jump ahead of the lunch queue and celebrate their positive behaviour and effort to learning. Well done!

Alice Lind-O’mara has been nominated as ‘English Student of the Week’, Grace Gee was recognised as ‘Mathematician of the Week’ and last but not least, Yaseen Haque was recognised as ‘Scientist of the Week’ and they were nominated by the respective department areas for their excellent effort and progress in class. Excellent work, keep it up!!

A number of students were praised for their 100% attendance. These students include: Elicia Armstrong, Nataliya Bobin, Sophie Chew, Levi Clutterbuck, Harvey Cooper, Dorkas Estavan, Riley Gibson, Yaseen Haque, Amelia Jones, Ayesha Kamaly, Fatima Kamran, Harvey Lawman, Katy Millis, Sarah Millis, Christopher Morriss, Chloe Payne, Morolake Sunmola, Aidan Turner, Evelyn Vandeputte, Kerri-Ann Williams and Kimi Zimuto. Students with higher attendance are more likely to see an increase in their learning and achievement in their subject areas and will have greater outcomes in their qualifications.

Remember ‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’ And as long as the students ensure that they in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things they will make rapid progress.