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Year 12 and 13 are two of the most demanding years of education you will ever experience. You will need to develop excellent organisational skills and resilience. The sixth form team are here to help, guide and support you, on your path towards your very bright future.

We have high expectations of attendance and punctuality. We will do all we can to support you in your successes; you must have outstanding attendance and punctuality to achieve this. All students are set the target of achieving at least 95% attendance each year. The same can be said of your standard of dress and work ethic. Deadlines are there for a reason and we will monitor your ability to meet them.

You need to know your grades, take ownership of them and be in constant discussion with your teachers to know how to make the necessary improvements. Be aware of where you are on the Achievement board in the sixth form office and strive to exceed your targets.


Cecil Jones Academy has a strict dress code which all members of the sixth form must follow.

Sixth formers are role models for the rest of the school and need to be smartly presented at all times. You are expected to wear ‘Smart Business Dress’. For male students, this means a shirt, tie with trousers, a blazer and smart shoes. For female students, this means a shirt or blouse, a blazer, a skirt to the knee, or trousers and smart shoes. Leggings, jeggings, or tight trousers are not permitted.

It is not acceptable to wear hoodies, trainers (including vans), low cut tops, T-shirts or very short skirts or dresses for girls. If you are unable to meet the dress code due to an extenuating circumstance, a note must be written in your planner by a parent/carer. We are proud of the individual nature of our students and the way they present themselves within the dress code.

All students must at all times wear their student Cecil Jones lanyard with their ID.


Parents will receive formal “tracking” information at three key points in the year.  This will assess how well students are doing, including the A Level grades that they are currently on. Parents and students should use this information to help them plan their work and revision, by comparing the present grades to their target grades and the grades they need for their university choices.  Some parents will be invited in for meetings with the Achievement Team Leader after the tracking, with students placed on an Achievement Support Card if necessary. These interventions are intended to help students to achieve their target grades.  Any parent who would like to discuss the tracking information, or indeed discuss their son or daughter’s progress at any time, should feel welcome to contact their form tutor, teachers or ATL.


As a school, we have two very clear priorities for Year 13:

  • All students should aim to maximise their achievement. Whatever grades they received or how many units they completed in Year 12, we expect all students to work towards the next grade up. If you are on a C, try to get a B by the end of the year. Go further, go beyond.
  • All students should complete an application to university during the autumn term via UCAS. If a student is unsure about whether they want to go to university, they should still write their application. You can always change your mind later. If you don’t write an application, then you cannot change your mind if you decide you want to go! We will support students in this UCAS process.

Students and parents are reminded that universities and employers often ask for references throughout Year 13 – including on results day in August – which will include questions about attendance and punctuality. The school can only say that attendance is “outstanding” if it is over 95%. Poor attendance and punctuality in Year 13 can seriously affect your future plans.

Please note that permission to attend extra-curricular activities will only be given if attendance to school is above 90%.

As the ATL, I can guarantee an open door policy to both students and parents and I am relentlessly committed to making the sixth from at Cecil a truly outstanding experience.

Mrs C Dudbridge

Achievement Team Leader

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