Year 9

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller.

Every student in Year 9 is a key member of Team Wells. Excellence is always at the heart of everything and we expect the highest standards of classwork, homework, presentation and behaviour at all times. Students are expected to fulfil the Year 9 pledge and display the key qualities of a Team Wells member.

Having had the opportunity to settle into secondary school last year, the focus now is to develop confidence, maturity and independence in pupils’ learning. As part of our Year 9 pledge we expect students to:

  • Treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect at all times;
  • Respond and follow all reasonable requests;
  • Work to achieve your personal best whilst allowing others to do the same

Year 9 is crucial for laying the foundations of GCSEs and is the year you will chose your option subjects. Together as one united team (Team Wells), Students work together to enhance their strengths, which will allow them to start working towards their final examinations in Year 11. Every student in Year 9 is seen as a young adult, capable of making the right decisions about their learning as well as their behaviour. Students are seen as pivotal members of our team and are expected to strive for excellence in all areas of the school life.

As Achievement Team Leader, I am responsible for learning and achievement of the year group. Every student will also be supported by a form tutor who has an overview of their learning and will be able to offer advice and guidance on a day to day basis.

The Year 9 team, including your Year Care Team member, Miss Ferris, will visit lessons throughout the day to watch students as they learn. We will support and challenge students to ensure that they are engaged, focused and well behaved. We also promise to:

  • Listen to all students;
  • Support everyone in whatever way we can;
  • Champion Year 9;
  • Become a voice for all students.

I look forward to a very successful year and am confident every member of Year 9 will be able to celebrate truly deserved progress and stunning achievements.

Mrs A Wells

Achievement Team Leader

Year 9 Curriculum Map

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