Year 10

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”– Ralph Marston

Year 10 is a very important year in your education. It is the first step towards your GCSE examinations and the future you are building for yourself. As a year 10 student, you will be expected to behave like the young adult you are and will be given the respect and responsibility that goes with it. As a young adult you are capable of making the right decisions about your behaviour and driving yourself to reach your full potential.

This year is a crucial year for students to do their best to make progress academically and commit themselves to the subjects they have chosen for their GCSEs. It is integral that they can build the foundations that will allow them to achieve their best outcomes in year 11 and reach the potential we know they are all capable of.

As Achievement Team Leader, I am responsible for the learning and achievement across the year group and students should expect to see me in their lessons ensuring they are upholding our high expectations and to support where needed. This will also be a time to celebrate their achievements and the progress they are making towards their goals.

All students will also be supported by a form tutor who will have an overview of their learning and be a touchstone for them to rely on and offer guidance and advice. They will also be the first point of contact for the students each day.

Finally, the Year 10 Care Team will be seen throughout each school day observing students in their learning environments; supporting and challenging students to ensure that they are focused on and engaged in their learning, as well as, displaying the attributes and behaviours that contribute to a positive learning environment.

I look forward to having a very positive and successful year and cannot wait to see the progress and achievements each and every Year 10 student is capable of.

Miss Green

Achievement Leader Year 10

Y10 Correct Tutor organisation chart Sept 2023