Careers & IAG

Careers information and guidance is available to all. At Cecil Jones Academy; we want all students to make good choices for the future – ‘informed decisions are good decisions’

Your School Careers Advisor is: Mr Seward

You can contact him Monday to Fridays within the Academy

Telephone: 01702 440000

Monthly IAG Careers Bulletin

IAG Careers Bulletin April 2024

Career Bulletin Archives Access Provider Statement 2023-2024

Year Group Carers Information and Guidance


Careers is to help students think about and plan their future; Careers is to help students find out which pathway is best for them. To enable good understanding and positive attitudes, we aim to engage with parents and give them access to Careers: Bill Law’s ‘Community Interaction Theory’ states how our perceptions about careers are gained from within our communities. By working in partnership we hope to ensure positive outcomes for all our students.

At Cecil Jones we aim to provide timely, impartial advice and guidance.


Careers information is provided to students in different formats –

In person through:

  • 1:1 interviews are available in to look at future pathways
  • Careers sessions are provided to students through PSHE lessons and presentation lessons given to each tutor group at each transition stage
  • Future Pathways programme at sixth form
  • Careers information and pathways are included in schemes of learning at every key stage annually
  • Careers trips to a range of places including Careers Events, Insight days and to visits to Further and Higher Education Colleges
  • Onsite and virtual careers events and workshops

In written form through:

  • Careers books, magazines and information is available in the library
  • University/ Futures area within the sixth form common room
  • Future Pathways programme at sixth form
  • Monthly careers bulletin, School newsletter and Careers Thursday

Interactively through internet links:

  • Unifrog – an Online Career Guidance platform for 12-18 year olds which students all have access to and are able to repeat and explore as they wish
  • Useful websites


For Key Stage 3 Students

For Key Stage 4 Students

For Key Stage 5 Students


Pathways is the term used to refer to the different paths students may take. At secondary school these will occur at KS4 & KS5. Pathways are the qualifications with their levels and the routes that students can take to acquire them.

Look at the ‘Levels and Qualifications’ table showing these pathways.

Choosing an appropriate pathway will involve choosing an appropriate course and where to do it.

For a full description of qualifications click below:



What is the difference between GCSE and BTEC?

  • GCSEs have more exam assessment. BTEC have different grades: Pass, Merit and Distinction

What is a pass at GCSE?

  • Grade 4 is the lowest pass to be accepted. Grades 5 + are ‘Good’ grades; Grades 1-3 are needed for L2 qualifications


Don’t forget you can log into unifrog anytime at home to continue browsing careers options, university courses or take the quizzes again to get your best fit profile. You can even book into a webinar.


unifrog year-8

KS3/4 Career Events and guidance

At Cecil Jones Academy we believe all of our students should have the correct career guidance to help them choose their future paths.
Last year every student in year 9 had an interview with an advisor from connexions and took part in the unifrog online career programme. We already have both in place this year.
Students enjoyed a Marine Engineer Workshop in October 2022.
Once again, we will be running a Career Ready programme which last year focused on planning for the future with a number of events and workshops. There will be a number of university trips and taster events throughout the academic year to give a student’s an idea of what university life might look like including the Brilliant Club programme.
An annual careers fair, visits to work places and inhouse speakers are all used to ensure your child is fully prepared for their next steps.
We are always looking ahead and thinking about the future of our students so you can rest assure they are in safe hands.

KS5 Career Events and guidance

Career Ready is a national charity at the heart of a network of employers and educators who all believe that every young person, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to kick start their rewarding future.

Our Sixth Form students have taken up many of the inspiring opportunities offered by Career ready and will do so this academic year.

All Year 12 & 13 students will be able to attend master classes of which sessions include, success at interview, preparing for work, Assessment centres and Know yourself.
This year, many students benefited from virtual work experience, which was delivered by prestigious organisations such as the Financial times, AstraZeneca, Morgan Stanley and many more! We will continue to strive to assist our KS5 students in finding and applying for work experience opportunities.

Make Happen aims to unlock opportunities for young people across Essex by helping them make informed choices about their education and future. Year 12 students attended sessions in support of their UCAS application and personal statements.
The Sixth Form looks forward to working with both Career Ready and Make Happen each year to help students aspire to the next level of education and into lasting careers.

The careers provision is evaluated annually, with the next review due Autumn 2024.