Internet Safety Help and Advice

This page has been put together to help students find the best help and advice on how to surf the internet safely. It will also remind students of their own responsibilities when using the internet whether they're in school or not.

Below are links to articles and websites that are added every week. The articles and websites are mainly geared towards parents and carers. However, there is no reason why a student cannot look for help and take responsibility for their internet usage. Students could even encourage parents and carers to be safer online.

Please click on the links below to discover how to report misuse and dangerous content.

Child Exploitation and Online Protectionreport harmful contentchildline

National Online safety Articles 


  • For social media reporting please click the link below

SWGfL Report Harmful Content


Acceptable Use Policy:

Below is a link to the school's Acceptable Use Policy.

This is displayed in computer rooms and pops up on every computer as soon as you log in. This asks you to read and accept the terms and conditions of use within the school.

Acceptable Use Policy