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Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Reading for Learning and Leisure.

The Cecil LRC has so much to offer and explore. You will receive a warm welcome and find plenty of great resources which will encourage you to use our department regularly. We have an extensive range of books and study guides, an all-new computer suite, careers section and large desks for study and seminar. The department is open before and after school for further study, reading, research, relaxation and meeting friends.

Google Classroom

Please use the following room code to join our new library page. Here you can order books that will be delivered to you by the click and collect scheme. tu5u5lb

The Library resources

All pupils are welcome to come into the library before the start of academy, lunchtime and after school. The library offers excellent resources to inspire students to enjoy reading, and to support curriculum subjects. All pupils are automatically signed up to the library system and allowed to borrow books for three weeks. Our library has a number of laptops that can be used to complete homework; a black and white printer is available for students to print their homework. Our resources include over 9000 books, magazines, DVD films, newspapers, and eclipse online library software. Homework support from our librarian is available every day before and after school.

New Books for the library

We have nearly finished upgrading the books and library space. Having purchased to date, over 2200 brand new books, we will continually update and grow the resource centre, to meet the demands of our hungry minds. These books are being used to support reading for pleasure and for our students to access and take quizzes on Accelerated Reading and Drop Everything and Read.

1000 revision guides have been purchased and are available for GCSE and A-Level students. All curriculum areas are catered for in the library. Since July 2019, there has been a 67% increase in the number of books purchased and made available for our keen readers, this will continue as a love for reading is in the heart of everything we do.

Accelerated Reading Programme

The vast majority of our books are part of the Accelerated Reader initiative, this is a quiz based reading challenge where year 7 and 8 students compete with each other as a form class, to achieve the most points and win rewards. Every Reading Practice Quiz has a point value assigned to it based on the book level and the word count of the book (the book’s difficulty and length) this helps encourage and make reading fun! All year 7s and 8s take part in the Accelerated Reading Programme. This programme helps pupils to improve their reading and literacy skills as well as promoting the competitive aspect of reading amongst peers.

AR Word Millionaires

The number of words that pupils quiz on are counted up to become a word millionaire. Badges are given to pupils who read a quarter of a million words, half a millionaire words, and a million words and also a double millionaire. Pupils need to score 50 per cent or more in the quizzes for the words to be added.

Drop Everything and Read

Every Thursday during tutor the whole school in complete silence for 15 minutes. Ssssshhhhhhh! Every student carries a book in their bag.

Author Visits

We have regular author visits to inspire pupils to become authors.

John Townsend visited the Academy.

We look forward to welcoming more authors to the Academy.

Library Monitors

There are 20 library monitors in total, from all year groups who help with library duties, checking books in and out on the computer system, looking after the library, filing and recommending books to pupils. Library monitors have two duties a week.

After School Clubs

Pupils are encouraged to create and run their own clubs.