Further Information

Vulnerable Students

You will be eligible for a small amount of financial support if you are either in care or you are on free school meals.

For 2022/2023 this is £15 per week, this could change after final numbers are considered.  This is increased if students are in care.  Payments are made to match students’ weekly attendance.

If you think you will be eligible then complete the application form which is available from the Sixth Form office.

The Bursary is only guaranteed for students in care.

All students who have been in receipt of Free School Meals or who have been in receipt of the discretionary bursary last year, with no changed circumstances are entitled to apply for the discretionary bursary. Other students, who are not or have not been in receipt of Free School Meals in the last 6 years, but who are experiencing hardship related to the costs of study are also entitled to apply.  You might be eligible for financial support if your family earns less that £25,000.

Please see the bursary policy below:

Cecil Jones Academy Sixth Form Bursary Strategy in Line with The Loxford Trust Policy

Eligibility Evidence required
A young person in care Supporting letter from key worker
In receipt of FSM in the last 6 years Proof of eligibility from Council
Young people in receipt of Income or Employment Support Allowance and DLA Copy of benefits paperwork dated within the last six weeks
Previously in receipt of Bursary with no change of circumstances (Y13) Previous Bursary paperwork
Study a subject that requires additional equipment (Art, Photography, Textiles, and Engineering) and can evidence hardship. Name of subjects and benefits paperwork
I need to purchase something for my course/future which I cannot afford and can prove hardship Name of subject’s benefits paperwork
I need to buy something, which I cannot afford so that I can remain studying and can prove hardship Name of subject’s benefits paperwork
Other relevant need

Dependent on circumstances

benefits paperwork


  • All students require a bank statement in their own name
  • All bursary payments are dependent on students’ conforming to all school rules
  • Student’s whose attendance is 85% or below, per week, are not eligible
  • All students eligible for bursary in year 12 will be eligible in year 13
  • Consideration will be given to low income students who do not meet the FSM criteria but can evidence hardship with proof of parental income. Access to the discretionary bursary pool holding will be considered on an individual basis


Stress & Anxiety

Sixth Form can be a stressful time, with workload and deadline pressures never seeming to go away

Students’ emotional wellbeing is of great concern to us. Staff are available at all times during the school day to talk to students. We also have on site counsellors available if required. There is no stigma attached to asking for help – whatever the concern.

Remember your Form Tutor is;

  • A parent in school
  • An academic mentor
  • A supporter and advocate
  • A UCAS guide and referee
  • Your first point of call- Academic and pastoral

Times of the School Day

8.55 – 9.55

Period 1

9.55 – 10.55

Period 2

10.55 -11.15


11.15 – 12.15

Period 3

12.15 -1.15

Period 4


Period 5