Cecil Jones Academy Sixth Form Open Evening

November 3rd 2023

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Don’t take our word for it, see what our students have to say!

“I’m Sara

I want to take a moment to talk to you about why you should join the Sixth Form here at Cecil. I joined Cecil in September and in only 3 months I was offered many amazing opportunities, like becoming Head Girl and representing the school, becoming a subject ambassador and helping support younger years in lesson, reading with Year 4s and Year 7s and going on fun and enriching trips. Most notably, the support from the teachers and staff members has significantly made me feel welcome, which resulted in me achieving all of this. This is just as possible for you. The Sixth Form offers an environment of academic excellence, the dedicated and passionate teaching staff here are
committed to helping you achieve your full potential. You may assume that just because you remain at Cecil the experience will be exactly the same, however that’s not the case. Aside from being able to advance further with your current friends and keep the strong bonds you formed here since year 7, whilst also seeing each other progress, there is also a much greater sense of responsibility and freedom that our sixth form promotes. By joining, you'll have the opportunity to develop many important skills and qualities, ranging from
communication to collaboration. We believe in encouraging our students to take charge of their own education with the study periods. You'll have the chance to lead initiatives, contribute to meaningful projects and become a role model for others. You will be provided with the support and resources you need to excel in your studies here at Cecil, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities
that lie ahead, whether it's university, a career, or any other path you may choose.

Thank you and I hope to see you all here next year!”
Sara Mihali


“My name is Samuel,

I would like to talk to you today about my transition into the Cecil Jones Sixth Form. Being a student here myself just a number of months ago, I am more than familiar with your position and what you're currently facing. During your GCSEs it's easy for you to feel overwhelmed and to overlook your options, however it's vital you consider all your options when moving into further education. There's a large variety of subject options allowing you to study your interests, regardless of your GCSE options, giving everyone equal
ability to pursue your personal goals in life whatever they may be. Whilst many of you will be worried your grades will limit your options in life, Cecil is very supportive with your transition. You are given ample opportunity to meet your teachers, to help you make informed decisions towards the subjects you want to pursue and the support you can get when gaining the grades you need. When joining the Sixth Form, I was worried being an external candidate that I would be set apart from the internal students. However, through various open events, open evenings and induction days, I quickly realised how welcoming and supportive the Sixth Form team is, making everyone feel individually involved. After induction, the Sixth Form offers a plethora of opportunities to enhance your education, and to give you unique experiences instrumental to your progression into university or further life. This consists of trips, university fairs, reading with the younger year groups, tutoring students in other schools, even the opportunity to get paid for after school tutoring. And this is what has been offered just in my first term. The Sixth Form gives you amazing opportunities that can allow you to find your confidence like I did, giving me the chance to be talking to you today”


Samuel Bridge.