Careers Fair 2022

April 29th 2022

Careers Fair 2022: 
Thursday 28th April saw Cecil Jones Academy host it’s first careers fair since before Covid-19. 
The Fair was attended by over 20 institutions and work places, so we would like to extend a big thank you to; 
Southend Borough Council Youth Team,  The Institute of Finance and insurance, Metro Bank, Harrison Catering, The Army,  Essex Police, Central Training Group and it’s Hair and Beauty Academy, WDC Physiotherapy, University of Greenwich, Writtle University College, University of East London, Connexions, Morgan Sindall, IPECO, Adventure Island, Olympus, Garon Park, System Driving School, Get into Teaching and the Cecil Jones Academy Sixth Form Team.  
Every student at the academy spent 30 minutes at the Careers and Aspirations Fair taking valuable  information and “free goodies” away with them. The buzz in the hall was constant and everyone had a smile on their face. 
Students have commented; 
“I wish we could do more of these it was so insightful” 
“Today was so much fun. I learnt so much about different careers and got some really cool stuff” 
“This has really helped me as the career I want in the future was here so I got to discuss it and how exactly to get into it with people working in the job now” 
“ This really helped me choose a university for when I leave Cecil Jones Sixth Form” 

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The attendees from the fair had the following comments to say about our students; 
Ipeco- “By far the best fair we’ve been to this year. Such a good variety of trades and companies. Cecil Jones have done real-ly well to make that happen. Outstanding!” 
WDC Physio—”The students have been so engaged asking lots of very interesting questions.” 
Central Hairdressing—”Very impressed with the politeness of the students. We’ve had a lot of interest from them.” 
Adventure Island—”What can I say? We’ve been busy all day with interesting students and we’ve run out of application forms.” 
Army— “It’s been an incredible day with the variety of questions, really interesting students.” 
Connexions— “Phenomenal, we’ve been busy all day with students from all year groups.” 
Essex Police— “So busy, so many interesting questions from so many students. I’ve been mobbed all day.” 
Metro Bank— “We have had an incredible day. Your students have been brilliant and so respectful.” 
Harrisons— “What a fantastic day. Lots of good engagement and interesting questions, we’ve had a great time.” 
Garons— “The students have been brilliant. There has been lots of good engagement.” 
Driving School— “Fantastic engagement, great questions and lots of interest. This has been the best careers fair we have attended this year.” 
Writtle University College— “It’s been a great day interacting with the students, a real pleasure.” 
University of East London— “A very good experience, the students seemed to be having a great time.” 
University of Greenwich— “It was a lovely day and I enjoyed meeting the young people at the school.  We hope to do more in the future.” 
Olympus— “This has been a brilliant fair. It’s been so nice watching the students interacting with all the different trades ask-ing questions and showing interest. They were really interested in our business asking lots of in-depth questions. It’s been the best fair we have attended for some time.” 
Chelmsford Insurance Institute—  “What a delightful group of students. It’s been an incredible day.” 

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