BTEC National Level 3 Extended Certificate

BTEC Level 3


The Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sport is intended to be an Applied General qualification for Post-16 learners wanting to continue their education through applied learning, and who aim to progress to higher education and ultimately to employment, possibly in the sports sector. The qualification is equivalent in size to one A Level and has been designed as a full two-year programme.

What you will study

You will study 4 units over the two-year course. 3 of the units are mandatory and have to be studied followed by a further unit, chosen from a list.

The mandatory units include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (external assessment – Exam) - Learners explore how the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems function and the fundamentals of the energy systems. This unit will give you the detailed core knowledge required to progress to coaching and instruction in the sports industry or further study.
  • Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Wellbeing (External Assessment – Exam) - Learners explore client screening and lifestyle assessment, fitness training methods and fitness programming to support improvements in a client’s health and well-being
  • Professional Development in the Sports Industry (Coursework) - Learners explore the knowledge and skills required for different career pathways in the sports industry. Learners will take part in, and reflect on, a personal skills audit, career action plan and practical interview assessment activities.

The final unit will be chosen from:

  • Sports Psychology (Coursework) - This unit covers the psychological dimensions of sport, and introduces psychological techniques that can be used to enhance performance.
  • Sports leadership (Coursework) - Learners study what makes a good leader, the different capacities of this role, and the leadership skills and techniques necessary when leading activities in different roles.
  • Application of Fitness Testing (Coursework) - Learners gain an understanding of the requirements of fitness testing and learn how to safely conduct a range of fitness tests for different components of fitness.
  • Practical sport (Coursework) - Learners study the skills, techniques, tactics and rules of selected sports through active participation in individual/team sports

Where can it get me?

A qualification in Physical Education/Sport is an excellent base for a university degree in sports science, sports management, healthcare, or exercise and health. This subject can also complement further study in biology, human biology, physics, psychology, nutrition, sociology and many more.

The qualification can open up a range of career opportunities including; sports development, sports coaching, physiotherapy, personal training or becoming one of the next generation of PE teachers. The transferable skills you learn through your study of Physical Education/Sport, such as decision making and independent thinking are also useful in any career path you choose to take.

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