Edexcel Government and politics A-Level..

Method of assessment

Component 1 UK Politics 

  • Political Participation 
  • Core ideas (Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism). Assessment via a  range of short and long answer questions. 

Component 2 UK Government

  •  UK Government, ideologies. Assessment via a  range of short and long answer questions. 

Component 3 Comparative Politics 

  • Global Politics. Assessment via a  range of short and long answer questions. 

Specification website link:

Edexcel AS & A level Politics (2017) 

Methods of delivery:

  • Taught in class

Homework expectations:

Research and wider reading plus essay practice. 1 hour set homework per week with additional self-directed learning of 1-2 hours expected.

Reading suggestions:

DK: The Politics Book

Andrew Heywood Political Ideologies: An Introduction

Reading list

General Politics books

  • Arford, Bernie, Politics: An introduction
  • Heywood, Andrew, Politics
  • Holsti, Kalevi, International Politics
  • McNaughton, Neil, Success in Politics
  • Nugent, Neill, The Government and Politics of the European Union
  • Renwick, Alan, Basic Political Concepts
  • Robertson, David, The Penguin Dictionary of Politics


British Politics Books

  • Budge, Ian, The new British Politics
  • Clark, Alan, The Tories: Conservatives and the Nation State, 1922-1997
  • Derbyshire, Ian, Politics in Britain from Callaghan to Thatcher
  • Griffith, J. A., The Politics of the Judiciary
  • Hennesy, Peter, Cabinet
  • Hennesy, Peter, The Hidden Wiring
  • Hennesy, Peter, Whitehall
  • Hutton, Will, The State We’re In
  • Jenkins, Roy, The Chancellors
  • Jones, Bill, British Politics Today
  • Kavanaugh, Dennis, The Major Effect
  • Marr, Andrew, Ruling Britannia
  • Marquand, David, The ideas that shaped post war Britain
  • Morgan, Kenneth, The People’s Peace: Britain since 1945
  • Pimlott, Ben, Harold Wilson
  • Pye, Keith, British Politics: Ideas and Concepts
  • Shaw, Eric, The Labour Party since 1945
  • Thatcher, Margaret, The Downing Street Years


  • DK, The Feminism Book
  • DK, The Politics Book
  • Haywood, Andrew, Political Ideologies
  • Walters, Margaret, A very short introduction to feminism
  • Freeden, Michael, A very short introduction to liberalism
  • Newman, Michael, A very short introduction to socialism

Visual Curriculum Map


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