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Course Description 

Democracies in change: Britain and the USA in the 20th Century and The British Experience of Warfare 1790-1918

Areas covered within the specification:

  • Britain transformed 1918-1997. An examination of the political, economic and social change in Britain in the 20th century culminating in a case study of the Thatcher Governments and their legacy up to 1997.
  • USA: Boom and Bust 1920 – 1955. A study of the changing nature of democracy, government and citizenship in America from the post WW1 boom, through the depression, recovery during WW2 and expansion into SuperPower status in the 1950s.
  • The British Experience of Warfare 1790-1918. An investigation into war on land, sea and in the air from the French Wars through the Crimea, Boer War and First World War. It examines the economy, technology, tactics, strategy and leadership.


A supervised essay of 3000 words examining an historical event using three interpretations.

Specification website link:

Methods of delivery:

All three units are taught. Coursework is supervised.

Homework expectations:

At least one hour’s essay per week with additional reading.

Reading suggestions:

A full reading list is provided. However those wishing to prepare before the course would do well to read:

Holmes, R: Wellington: The Iron Duke, Harper Collins, 2003

Clarke, P: Hope and Glory, Penguin, 2004



  • Democracies in change: Britain and the USA in the 20th century
  • Britain transformed - 1918/97
  • The USA c.1920-55 Boom,bust and recovery 
  • The British experience of warfare c.1790-1918


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